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Interview questions

Truck Driver

Best interview questions for your hiring process

Truck Driver Interview questions

Truck Drivers are one of the most critical roles in many companies. They transport stock, merchandise or goods from point A to B and ensure customers or clients don’t experience any delays. They will be responsible for items arriving in a good condition and communicating any issues with relevant departments.

The best skills to look for in a Truck Driver are as follows:

• Experience driving long distances and adhering to truck driving regulations.
• Ability to work alone for extended periods, while maintaining adequate communication.
• Physically able to lift and transport heavy goods.
• Exceptional time keeping skills.
• Impeccable knowledge of national (or international) road laws.

Interviewing a Truck Driver

As most company’s entire inventory will be handled by Truck Drivers at some point, a lot of responsibility rests on this role. Whether you’re looking for an in-house Truck Driver, or are hiring for a transport company, you need to make the right choice with this role.

The best way to do this is by assessing the relevant strengths, weaknesses and personality traits during the interview process. This is why we’ve put together these guide questions which will allow you to do just that!

Please note:
These Truck Driver interview questions are intended for use during the earlier stages of the hiring process. Therefore, they are a little more general than you might need during the later stages, where we advise more business-specific questions to be asked.

How to open the job interview

Even candidates who have been driving trucks for years may feel a bout of nerves during the early stages of an interview process. However, if their nerves get the better of them, they might not give their best answers.

Luckily, combatting this is easy! Asking a few lighthearted, easier questions that get the conversation flowing is a great way to cure the nerves. This then allows you to properly get an impression of the candidate’s personality and skills.

Best interview questions for your hiring process

See our Truck Driver job description here

For the interview

A positive opener to start

Why did you choose to become a Truck Driver?

What do you love the most about being a Truck Driver?

Behavioral Questions

Tell me about a time you made a delivery or chose a route that you were proud of.

This answer will give you a good idea of a candidate’s strength and the pride they take in their role. They may mention some skills they hold, such as initiative.

Tell me about a time an unexpected problem occurred during delivery, how did you overcome this and what did you learn?

Sometimes, problems occur that are unavoidable. Knowing how your candidate keeps their cool and overcomes these problems in a safe and efficient way is essential in a Truck Driver position. This will give you an idea of whether this is something your candidate is capable of.

Can you give me some examples of ways you stay motivated and alert when on the road?

A Truck Driver may have to work long hours alone at times, knowing they have learned behaviours that help them deal with these situations is a sign of a great candidate for this position.

Can you give me an example of a time when you made a change or improvisation during a delivery? Why was this and how did it impact the journey?

When an unexpected traffic delay or roadblock appears during a journey, changes may need to be made. This answer will assess whether this is something your candidate is capable of.

Soft Skills

How often do you think it is important to check in with other team members when on the road?

This question will aim to give insight into a candidate’s communication and teamwork skills. While frequent contact is not needed from all Truck Drivers, receiving updates and ETAs from them is a great way to ensure the warehouse staff are always prepared for incoming deliveries or informed about delays.

Are you comfortable explaining updated delivery routes or changes in transportation strategies to those with less industry experience?

Although modern fleet management software helps to update teams on a Driver’s location, it is still extremely beneficial to know that your potential Truck Driver has the communication skills needed to talk through any changes made to a route.

What do you think are the most important aspects needed when planning a transport route? 

A Truck Driver should have the organisational skills needed to plan a transport route. Knowing that they can factor in tolls, rest stops and other important points show they have the initiative and forward-planning skills needed for the role.

How much experience do you have with working with other roles such as Logistics Managers, Inventory Planners or Warehouse Managers?

While independent working is a solid part of a Truck Drivers role, there may be other stakeholders involved in their day to day business. Knowing they can manage communication with these departments, as well as knowing which departments they are used to working with will help you better assess their compatibility with the role.

What skills do you have which make you a good fit for a Truck Driver role?

This is a chance for the Driver to show off their skills and show off their confidence areas.

Hard Skills

What formal HGV training or certification have you completed?

This question will let you know whether your potential Truck Driver has the necessary certification for the role?

How much experience do you have with driving internationally?

This won’t be a necessary part of every Truck Driver’s role, but if it is something you need from your hire then it is good to know whether they are able to do this.

How much experience do you have driving overnight?

Different Drivers work different shifts. Knowing whether your candidate has experience working late hours helps you to understand their compatibility with your shift needs.

Which types of cargo are you experienced with transporting?

If your company deals with hazardous, flammable or fragile materials, it is a good idea to check whether this is something your candidate has experience working with.

Which weather or driving conditions are you most comfortable working in?

Some Truck Drivers will need to work with badly lit or snowy conditions, if this is not something your candidate has worked with in the past they may need training before jumping into this situation.

Operational / Situational Questions

Imagine you experience a technical or mechanical error with your truck, what would your first steps be?

Safety is key in this role. Your potential Truck Driver should mention pulling the truck over when safe to do so, informing a dedicated repair or maintenance company, and informing other stakeholders such as the Warehouse Manager.

Imagine you are working with some particularly fragile cargo, what steps would you take to ensure they remain in good condition?

Here, a candidate should mention extra cautious packing and sealing techniques, maximum driving speeds and informing the team who assist with unpacking of the fragile nature.

Can you tell me how you would handle becoming stuck in an unexpected traffic jam?

Regardless of how well a Truck Driver plans their route or avoids these situations, it is inevitable they will find themselves in this situation at some point. The best steps to take would be following road regulations and diversions when possible and informing relevant teams.

Tell me how you would deal with being involved in a minor collision or accident.

Accidents may happen from time to time, knowing your driver can accurately record the details, inspect the vehicle for any safety issues and inform insurance and relevant teams is essential.

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