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Interview questions


Best interview questions for your hiring process

Auditor Interview questions

Auditors should have great problem solving and analytical skills. Research, planning and excellent time management skills would also be advantageous.

Make sure that they have:

  • The right qualifications and a few years of experience already within the industry as this job role holds a lot of responsibility.
  • The questions below are quite broad and general, you can go much more in depth depending which stage of the interview process you are conducting and what industry your company is a part of.

Interviewing an Auditor

Are you searching for a new Auditor to join the team? Then it will soon be time to get to know the candidates a little better in an interview. With our Auditor interview questions, your interview is prepared quickly and easily.

Please note: Our interview questions are suggestions for the earlier stages of the application process and for candidates with average work experience. They are therefore a little more general.

How to open the job interview

Interviews naturally breed nerves, so the first part of your interview should aim to make the candidate feel comfortable speaking with you, you’ll get much more information out of them and a better sense of the person they are if they feel like they can trust the environment they are in. 

To do this you can ask some fun and interesting questions linked to the role, they should be open-ended and encourage conversation.

Best interview questions for your hiring process

See our Auditor Job Description here

For the interview

A positive opener to start

Why did you choose to work in this industry?

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Behavioral Questions

Why did you choose to work in this industry? What do you like most about your job?

Gives you some information about their personality, they should enjoy their job and want to continue doing it. 

What do you consider to be the key skills that an auditor should possess? 

This question will give you an insight into the amount of experience they have and some things they have learned since beginning their career. 

What would you say are your main challenges as an auditor?

This will let you know the things they still need to work on and how aware they are of their weaknesses. Not every challenge for them should be a red flag, as long as they put plans in place to help them.

Soft Skills

What kind of management style do you respond to best? Have you worked in teams very often?

Gives you a good idea of how they work within a team and what the right structure would be for them. Think about if they would fit into the team you already have. 

If you needed to explain a complex financial issue to someone that wasn’t well versed in the industry, how would you go about that?

Displays communication skills and being able to explain complex issues simply. 

How do you keep up with changes in regulations and laws?

A good candidate will understand the importance of keeping up with these industry changes and know the best way to do this.

Hard Skills

How would you describe the process of auditing? Could you take me through your general workflow?

A good candidate should have a lot of experience in the general process and easily be able to walk you through it. 

Could you walk me through an audit control process?

Both these questions will show the candidates general knowledge of their job role as well as critical thinking and an ability to communicate in technical and basic terms. 

Have you used CAATs before?

All the above questions are general, but important for you to get a good understanding of their overall experience level.

Operational / Situational Questions

Could you give any examples of when you have had to use hard data to back up your audit?

This shows an ability to communicate complex issues in simple terms and displays their organisational skills.

Have you ever detected a case of fraud? How did you approach that? What were your next steps?

This shows how the candidate would react under pressure and which important and actionable steps they would take in a sensitive situation.

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