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How JOIN helped Myos grow from day 1

"I can barely remember the time before using JOIN. It saves me a lot of time and work, and it enables tracking and monitoring everything on only one platform. That makes everything way easier."

Zarifa Yusibova

HR Manager

Myos team photo


team growth within four years

4 years

that JOIN kept HR processes streamlined and ownable for only one person


higher screening-to-interview ratio


Myos is a FinTech startup founded in 2018, helping merchants in Germany, Austria, and the United Kingdom grow their business faster by offering risk-free, non-bureaucratic, andShow more

Myos is a FinTech startup founded in 2018, helping merchants in Germany, Austria, and the United Kingdom grow their business faster by offering risk-free, non-bureaucratic, and tailor-made financing services.

With Myos' innovative purchase-, interim-, and cross-financing products, merchants do not have to worry about going out of stock or lacking on capital to keep their business competitive.

Merchants get refunded for parts of their stock, allowing them to invest in other core parts of their business—such as marketing activity to increase sales—while they stay in the position to deliver.Show less


Finance, Startup, Tech


Austria, Germany, United Kingdom

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"I can barely remember the time before using JOIN. It saves me a lot of work and makes everything much easier."

Zarifa Yusibova

HR Manager

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The Challenge

Scaling a team that enables growth and expansion to other countries

When Zarifa started at Myos as a working student in 2018, she was one of the very first team members within the recently founded company.

When she started owning HR, they used separate company profiles on many different job platforms for publishing job adverts, tracking everything with a classic spreadsheet.

Beside managing job posts and candidates, with this workflow, it was also quite difficult to monitor which steps of their hiring process the candidates were currently accomplishing.

Their initial solution for this was a self-made hiring pipeline on a Trello board. But as the company was planning to grow fast, it became clear that a more handy solution would be necessary in the near future.

The three biggest pain points Zarifa needed to solve:

  • Using separate platforms made it difficult to monitor job postings
  • Promoting jobs on several independent platforms was expensive
  • Workflows becoming unmanageable with ongoing growth

Luckily, the solution quickly came to them, being forwarded by a coworking company they shared their working space with.

“I really liked the idea of JOIN. It's super convenient, plus you can track and monitor more or less everything within a single tool.”

Zarifa Yusibova

HR Manager

The Solution

Myos partnered with JOIN to find engineering & sales talents

The positions that soon became the most important for the company's growth were for the Engineering and Sales departments. Those are also the most difficult roles to fill, which requires specialised job boards and, in some cases, republishing job ads multiple times. 

By using JOIN's talent attraction software, Myos levelled up across the board:

Increased outreach and improved targeting

With the help of JOIN, Zarifa was able to increase their outreach and target the right talent more efficiently by using JOIN’s job board suggestions.

Multiposting with JOIN is saving her a lot of research effort on where to ideally post their job ads. Overall, international team members from 17 different nations were hired successfully through JOIN.

As a result, the Sales and Engineering departments have meanwhile become the biggest teams at Myos, driving their expansion plans to further markets beyond Germany and the United Kingdom.

Improved monitoring and streamlined processes

Also, our multiposting feature helped her to keep track on where their jobs had been (re)posted already, how well these channels performed, and where applicants applied from.

All without having to log in to various job boards to check applications, download them, and document all in a spreadsheet.

For almost four years, JOIN remained Myos' only hiring software, streamlining costs and processes in a way that kept recruiting feasible for her as the only person in HR. During that period, Zarifa owned the job posting, ran the prescreening, and managed candidates all by herself.

Reduced hiring costs

Finding candidates for sales and engineering turned out to be very time-consuming, and as they are constantly looking for new talent to grow their business, free job postings turned out to be very useful.

It worked out for Myos to leave their free job ads active over longer periods of time (sometimes even for a whole year), regularly screening and evaluating incoming applications.

In addition to posting their jobs to 10+ free job boards with JOIN, the Promote module further helped keep their hiring costs at a low level thanks to budget-saving premium job ads and bundles while searching for their perfect match.

Simplified processes with Kenjo integration

With the ongoing growth of the company, however, processes gained complexity. And that soon required the use of an additional tool, as JOIN did not yet feature the individual hiring pipeline and the manual candidate import.

Myos wanted to keep JOIN and, therefore, especially sought for (and found) a compatible solution. Since then, JOIN has been used alongside Kenjo, another well-known HR management software that can be easily integrated with JOIN

How does Myos hire with JOIN?

So, what does hiring look like with JOIN and Kenjo? First, Zarifa puts their job ads into Kenjo and pushes them over to JOIN to multipost them automatically.

The incoming applications are then prescreened by her in Kenjo, before she initiates the first screening interview and hands the candidates over to the C-level for moving them through the next stages of their hiring pipeline.

What does the recruiting process look like at Myos now?

Step 1: Write a job ad in Kenjo

Step 2: Multipost job ad automatically with JOIN 

Step 3: Monitor applications in Kenjo

Step 4: Run prescreening of candidates

Step 5: Conduct first interviews

Step 6: Collaborate (communicate/review) with team members and C-Level

Step 7: Manage candidates and monitor progress within hiring pipeline

We’ve substantially helped Myos grow their team

Myos has experienced considerable growth over the past four years. Within this period, the number of employees has increased ninefold—from four to forty team members—and they plan to hire many more talents to expand to two further markets in the next two years.

+ 900% arrow up

team growth within four years

Myos’ team grew their company very successfully, enabling it to expand to further markets.

4 Years

in which HR was owned by only one person

Thanks to its time saving and nearly effortless multiposting and management-workflows, JOIN kept their hiring process lean and clear.

+ 7x arrow up

higher screening-to-interview ratio

With JOIN's multiposting feature, Myos generated more qualified applications and increased their screening-to-interview ratio by 700%.

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