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Product & Design

As practitioners, our Products and Design team uses an iterative, human-centered approach to chase our vision and build what’s next. We're dedicated to our craft and continuously set the bar for our creative output.

Product & Design

We work passionately to create the best recruitment tool for our users, identifying their daily challenges, and making their hiring workflows more productive.

We value open communication and actionable feedback. Information is shared within the team, and we work together to help each other grow and build new skills.

We believe in the value of creating hypotheses and experimenting, working in iterations to continuously improve the user experience. We prototype, test, learn and deliver fast.

Do you aim to create the best possible experience with the most up-to-date technology? In our Product and Design team, you continuously progress through an iterative cycle of research, ideation, testing, and implementation. Along the way, you will become part of a passionate and highly collaborative team, maximizing the impact of our products.

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Hier sehen Sie einen Mitarbeiter der Join Solutions AG bei der Arbeit

In our monthly all-hands call, each team presents all news, developments, successes and learnings, with the whole company.

Community and conversation are massive parts of our day, we love to chat about almost anything.

Hier sehen Sie einen Mitarbeiter der Join-Solutions AG am Arbeitsplatz

Collaboration is key. Got an idea how to improve something in the product? Or how to display something better? Let’s discuss ideas together.

What the team says. We value open communication and actionable feedback. We share knowledge and we work together to help each other grow and build new skills.

Gui, what is it like to work at JOIN?

“There’s nothing like hearing our clients report the direct impact JOIN has in growing their teams. Our agile iterations allow us to design and deploy new features in a way that continuously improves our users’ hiring workflows.“

Gui Dall’stella

Product Owner

Open Positions

We’re growing fast. Become a part of the team and help us on our journey to change the recruiting landscape forever.

The Process

We work in small cross-functional teams, and we’re passionate about technology and quality. Before we build well designed, intuitive, and innovative features, we first test our assumptions as we strive for efficiency and efficacy.

We write code that is clear and tested because it sets us up for speed, reliability, and a more enjoyable development experience. Automation is key. We ensure we can focus on developing and driving our product forward. We invest heavily in our platform and tech stack so developers can seamlessly ship daily.

We want the time and energy you spend at JOIN to have a positive impact on our products.

Our Values

We’re looking for someone who wants to be more than a coding robot, who wants to be part of the experience of building a new hiring solution from the ground up.

Someone who cares about solving real problems for real users. Who takes pride in continuously improving our work, keeping it high-quality and high-performing. Who is eager to discuss, evaluate, and think through decisions as a team, while owning his development.

People who make the impossible, possible.

Application Process. Browse our jobs, find one you’re passionate about and apply. It’s only 5 simple steps to become a part of our growing team.


You apply

Submit your application, including your CV, salary expectations, and earliest start date.


We meet

If it's a match, we'll get in touch to schedule a virtual meeting to get to know each other better.



Depending on the role, you’ll receive an assignment to show us your your skill set and your way of thinking.


We make an offer

If we have mutual feelings about your future success at JOIN, we'll take the first step of making an offer. Once you accept it, we go ahead and send you a contract.


We onboard you

Once you’re a JOINer, we’ll guide you through a well-designed onboarding program to introduce you to our product, culture, and awesome team of JOINers.


Let’s grow together!

JOIN Europe’s fastest growing HR tech company to change the recruiting landscape together.

Apply now

What’s working at JOIN like?

If you are driven by high standards, thrive on challenges, and are dedicated to making a significant impact on the way recruiting is done today - we're looking for you.

JOIN’s product is about our customers, our culture, and of course, code.
Our team comprises people who make bold choices for our clients within the HR industry.
It's in our DNA to push our limits, striving to become the most knowledgeable and experienced in our field.
Join an enthusiastic team and work alongside some of the brightest and most passionate people.
We are growing fast, so come and join us.

Our Tools

At JOIN we use cutting-edge technology to make sure that our ideas turn into reality.

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Any Questions?

You can apply online with just a few clicks. Please take your time to customize all necessary documents to show us your love for detail and how you can bring value to our growing team.

As soon as we receive your application, we will send you a confirmation email and then follow-up regarding your next steps.

Our hiring process might slightly differ due to the uniqueness of our core teams but we aim to be transparent and embody our values throughout the process. It’s important for us to see how you think and solve problems, so we will give you an assignment or a case study to learn more about you and how you work.

Please check out our team pages for more information.

Your CV is the first thing we see, so you might want to customize it properly and keep it relevant to what you can achieve at JOIN. Our job ads give you a good impression of what we’re looking for and what skills are required. We want to get a feeling for your experiences and your personal goals.

As a rule of thumb, we try to process your application within a week of applying. There is always room to improve, but we want to take the time to check your application thoughtfully. If we like your profile, we will invite you to move forward in our selection process.

The JOIN team speaks more than 15 languages, which is why our working language is English. Please submit your application and all relevant documents in English.

While most of our employees work from our fantastic office in Berlin, we have specialists based remotely and continue to build on this network as needed.

Still open questions?