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Messages: Communicate with candidates in JOIN

Forget about endless email threads and spreadsheets. Now, you can use JOIN Messages to communicate with each candidate within JOIN and keep your whole team in the loop during the hiring process.

Simplified communication with candidates

Finally, you can communicate with your candidates within JOIN without needing an external tool.
We’ve created Messages to streamline the communication between you, anyone on your team, and your candidates. This way, JOIN simplifies efficient hiring and keeps you from missing great talent.

Only you, the recruiter, can start a conversation with a candidate. When you send them a message, they’ll receive an email notification.

What’s new?

We developed a new feature for direct communication with candidates inside the JOIN application. On the left-hand side, just below Candidates, you will see a new menu icon: Message.

This is where you can exchange messages with your candidates during the hiring process—all in one place for transparency and easier team collaboration.

When you send the message to the candidate they will receive the message in their email inbox, and can reply directly via email. Candidates can also log in to answer the message in their JOIN profile. If the candidate hasn’t read your message within 24 hours, we’ll send them a reminder email.

How it works?

Messages are as easy to use as any messenger app – they’re straightforward and instant. Here’s how to use JOIN Messages:

  1. Click on the Messages menu icon on the right-hand side of your dashboard.
  2. Click “Start a Conversation”
  3. The pop-up will come up – start typing the candidate’s name.
  4. When the correct candidate shows, click on them.
  5. The chat will show, and you can start the conversation.

Note: If you have the same candidate applied for more than one position, each application would create a separate thread.

When a new message arrives, you and the candidate will be notified inside JOIN and via email.

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