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LinkedIn is one of the largest professional social networking platforms with over 750 million members in more than 200 countries. Members are considered very active and can build their professional network, make contacts, learn about trends as well as events and realize new career opportunities. Its base includes all levels of professionals across a broad range of industries, many of whom are advanced degree holders.

Job board type

Generalist ? Generalist job boards often have a very high reach, but they are not as effective for targeting candidates.

Target group

Entire Job Market


International International

LinkedIn in numbers

Posting to LinkedIn for the first time? Here's a couple of top figures to help you get to know LinkedIn better:

260 million

Monthly active users

57+ million


15+ million

Open jobs

Advantages and disadvantages of LinkedIn

Is hiring through LinkedIn the right fit for you? Make a more informed decision by taking a look at some pros and cons of posting your job to LinkedIn.


  • Ability to reach passive candidates who might be open to new opportunities they come across while spending time on the platform
  • Easy to search jobs with filters for keywords, titles, location, and further narrow down via the Advanced Search option
  • Candidates receive relevant job recommendations based on their qualifications and experience listed in their profiles
  • Job seekers can see who they know at your company when they click on your job ads
  • Candidates can get daily job alert emails with newly posted jobs meeting their search criteria
  • Directly post to your company page by connecting your account in JOIN
  • Candidates can use the LinkedIn app to search and apply to jobs on the go


  • Job posts face high competition due to total volume of ads and the many well-known companies posting jobs
  • As a generalist job search site it’s not optimal for niche industries or those targeting candidates for technical roles

What it looks like

Wondering what job posting on LinkedIn looks like? Push your recruiting efforts to the next level and attract the talent you have been looking for. Build your job ad, promote it on LinkedIn, and pick the right candidate. This is what LinkedIn job posting looks like:

Job Search

Here is what it looks like to search job posts on LinkedIn.

Company Profile

Here is a quick view of your company profile.

Job Ad

Creating a job within minutes using the JOIN job editor, once you hit publish this is how your job posts look like on LinkedIn.

Connecting LinkedIn and JOIN

Please note that for your job advertisement to appear on your company profile, your JOIN account must be connected to your LinkedIn profile. Visit our help centre for more information.

LinkedIn Products Discover all available products and bundles.

LinkedIn offers several packages for promoting your job ad. After creating your job ad using JOIN, in the next step you can select an option on how you want your premium job ad to be published.


LinkedIn Campaign

  • Short Single Posting 7 Days
  • Single Posting 30 Days

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Premium Bundles available

As an alternative to your single posting, you can also publish your job ad on several relevant job boards and platforms simultaneously with our affordable premium bundles.1

The composition of our bundles depends on the conditions (industry, requirements, experience, type of employment, location, etc.) of the job you want to advertise. On this basis, for each job posting, JOIN provides you with data-driven recommendations on which job board combinations are best suited for your specific requirements.

With our premium bundles, you make sure that your job ad is posted simultaneously on exactly those job boards that will best help you find your ideal candidate.

Just choose a package or bundle, add it to your shopping cart and follow our simple and secure checkout process to complete your booking.

1 Availability subject to change

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Any questions on LinkedIn?

Yes, there is no restriction regarding the job industry, and LinkedIn members encompass a wide range of sectors. However, as it is a more general directory, typically more traditional job ads like those in Marketing or Sales often attract more candidates than those for technical roles or niche industries.

Yes, your job will be automatically posted to your LinkedIn company page if you have entered the link to your company profile in JOIN. To check that you have entered the correct link, go to Company and then click on ‘External Profiles’.

Anyone searching for jobs on LinkedIn can see your job postings. Your job post will automatically appear on your LinkedIn company page if you have entered the link to your company profile in JOIN. LinkedIn also uses multiple touch points to recommend your job ads to relevant candidates, some of which depend on the job seekers individual account settings. Your job posts therefore might be recommended to candidates via email and/or mobile push notifications, or through the “Jobs You May Be Interested in” feature.

As many factors are at play, it’s not possible to determine how many applications your job posts will receive. The success of your job ads can be related to a number of influences, including how strong your employer brand is, the level of experience required for the job, the industry, the location, among other things. In some cases, however, it is not uncommon to receive a high volume of applications.

There are different possibilities for how long your paid job postings can be seen. For example, JOIN currently offers options including single postings for 7-day or 30-day terms, and 365-day slots for multiple jobs.