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As part of the online magazine, the Gründerszene job platform is one of the largest online startup communities in Germany and the place to go for digital jobs. It delivers content about careers in the digital economy: behind-the-scenes looks at startups, current jobs and the top employers in the digital scene, as well as HR topics.

Job board type

Generalist ? Generalist job boards often have a very high reach, but they are not as effective for targeting candidates.

Target group

Entire Job Market


Germany Germany

Gründerszene in numbers

Posting to Gründerszene for the very first time? Below we have compiled a couple of top figures helping you get a better overview of Gründerszene and its outreach:

1.7 million

Monthly readers


Newsletter subscribers


Social media fans

Advantages and disadvantages of Gründerszene

Is hiring through Gründerszene the right fit for you? Make a more informed decision by taking a look at some pros and cons of posting your job to Gründerszene.


  • Focused target group within the digital economy and startup sector
  • Startup news, background information and articles
  • Refresh feature updates your job ad after 14 days to make it prominent again
  • Very good for academics and highly qualified graduates
  • Intuitive design


  • Premium only — there are no free job advertisements available
  • Filtering based on job categories and location

What posting to Gründerszene looks like

Here you get a quick preview of how the presentation of your job ad looks like on Gründerszene. Get started now and attract the talent you have been looking for.

Job Search

Here is what it looks like to search job posts on Gründerszene.

Job Ad

This is how your job post appears on Gründerszene.

Company Page

Here is a quick view at your company profile.

Gründerszene Products Discover all available products and bundles.

For posting jobs to Gründerszene, you need to book a premium package. Gründerszene offers various premium products for publishing and actively promoting your job ad. The following Gründerszene product is available on JOIN:


  • 60 Tage Laufzeit
  • Layout Check
  • Nachträgliches Bearbeiten möglich
  • Refresh nach 30 Tagen
  • 1 Stellenanzeige
  • Keine Austauschmöglichkeit
  • Highlight
  • Arbeitgeberprofil
  • Persönliche*r Ansprechpartner*in
  • Bild- und Video-Einbindung

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  • Single Posting 30 days
  • Single Posting - Advanced 30 days

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Available Premium Bundles

You can also choose to post on Gründerszene in combination with other job boards and platforms with our affordable and time-saving premium bundles.1

The composition of our bundles depends on the conditions (industry, requirements, experience, type of employment, location, etc.) of the job you want to advertise. On this basis, for each job posting, JOIN provides you with data-driven recommendations on which job board combinations are best suited for your specific requirements.

One example could look like this —– select a premium bundle to post your job ad simultaneously to several job boards that will best help you find your ideal candidate.

Just choose a package or bundle, add it to your shopping cart and follow our simple and secure checkout process to complete your booking.

1 Availability is subject to change.

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Any questions on Gründerszene?

Since many factors can determine the success of a job ad, it’s not possible to say how many applications your job ad will deliver. Typically, besides how compelling and detailed your job description is, the city or region you are located in, and the kind of job you are posting will play a role in whether you receive the amount of applications you were expecting.

Yes, there’s special pricing for job ad postings targeted to find qualified candidates who are looking for internships or opportunities to work next to their studies (max. 20 hours/week).

No, it’s only available in German. The reason for this is that Gründerszene is primarily active in Germany.

Gründerszene is primarily active in Germany.

Job ads are visible for 30 days by default.

The audience can be broken down into the following characteristics:

68 % are between 19 and 39 years old
43 % are managers
21 % marketing
20 % sales
10 % Development