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JOIN enables recruiters to attract, manage, and hire the best talent in one tool – for free


Build modern job ads that perform predictably

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Build better job ads to attract more candidates

Customize online application forms to set your expectations

Publish all of your jobs to your custom career page

Job Ad

Easy-to-use Editor

Get guidance on how to make your job ad a success to attract more candidates.

Unlimited Job Ads

Create as many job ads as you need.

Media Support

Enrich your job ads with photos of your office or employees to create a personal touch.

Social Sharing

Promote your job ads on social media with one click.


Gain more visibility in search results with our SEO-optimized job ads.

Google for Jobs Readiness

Automatically post to Google to increase your visibility and reach.

Application Form

Online Application

Provide candidates with the covenient option of applying online.


Attract international candidates with different languages.

Better Candidate Experience

Make the whole application process a breeze for candidates.

Fully Responsive

Increase your conversion from every device thanks to fully responsive application forms.

Custom Questions

Define screening questions that help you filter applicants easily.

Corporate Identity

Customize your application forms based on your corporate design with just a few clicks.

Career Page

Customizable Career Page

Boost your employer branding with a custom career page - requiring no code.


Already have a career site? Easily embed job ads in real-time using the JOIN widget.

Personal Domain

Get your free personal domain to publish your job ads in one place.

Media Enrichment

Upload pictures to give your career page a personal touch.

Useful Filters

Filters help candidates to browse categories and job locations easily.

Fully Responsive

Reach your candidates on any device with reponsive career pages.

JOIN enables recruiters to attract and manage qualified candidates faster - for free.


Target and find your next great hire

Get the best promotion strategies to achieve your maximum reach by using our innovative one-click multiposting engine - for free!

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Multipost your job to find the right candidates faster

Premium job ads with discounts of up to 40%

Gain insights on job ad performance


Automatic Posting

Boost your job ad with one-click multiposting to 10+ free platforms.

Promote up to 3 Job Ads for Free

Explore our premium offerings for faster and more predictable hiring success.

Free Posting to LinkedIn

In contrast to other tools, you can automatically post to LinkedIn for free!


One-click Order

Drive your hiring success with premium job ads that require only one click.

Site Recommendations

JOIN’s technology recommends the best platforms to find your next hire.

Local Job Boards

Source local candidates with one-click posting to local job platforms.

Niche Job Boards

Find unique candidates by automatically posting to niche job boards.

Discounts up to 40%

Utilize our special discounts for posting premium job ads that have more reach and visibility.

Share on Social Media

Increase your reach with one-click posting to social media channels.

Social Campaigns

Reach Passive Talents

Use display ads or social ads in Facebook or Instagram to target passive candidates.

Fully Automated

Simply choose a package to get your job ads in front of thousands of people.

Ad Targeting

Aim for specific target groups for faster hiring success through demographics, interests, and online behavior.

JOIN enables recruiters to attract and manage qualified candidates faster - for free.


Manage candidates the smart way

Intelligently drive your hiring process with screening, managing, and engaging candidates more efficiently.

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Overview and profiles. Easily keep track of applicants, their short and enriched profiles, and your next steps to achieve hiring success faster.

Automated processes. Spend more time with candidates and less time with repetitive tasks. JOIN automates processes, so you can do what you do best.

Easy collaboration. Share your notes or progress with team members to achieve more efficient workflows and faster hiring success.

Candidate Management

All in one place

Manage and monitor your hiring workflow in one central place.

Application Stages

See the stages that candidates are moving through.

Automated Notifications

Stay up-to-date with new developments and updates.


Visualize your hiring funnel and keep track of the different stages and candidates.

Detailed Profile View

Get a full overview of a candidate’s profile with one click.

Advanced Search

Search for any jobs or candidates and get instant results.

Custom Tags

Utilize tags to categorize, sort, and manage candidates easily.


Create notes to define next steps or share with your team.

Advanced Export

Have all candidates and their information at hand with just one click.


Confirmation Email

Let candidates know right away when their application was successful.

Bulk Rejection Emails

Found the right candidate? Let all other candidates know - with just one click.

Placeholders in Mail

Personalize your emails by using placeholders like ‘last name’ and ‘company name’.


Multiple Users per Account

Hiring in a team? Collaborate with your colleagues on hiring!

Unlimited Seats per Company

With our premium plans you can simply add more team members to work in JOIN.

Team Notes

Always see what your colleagues think about a candidate.

JOIN enables recruiters to attract and manage qualified candidates faster - for free.

Advanced Technology

Secure SSL

JOIN secures all services and requests with HTTPS.

Secure Backups

Your data is encrypted and kept safe across several data centers.


Protect your candidates’ data throughout the platform to meet all regulations.

Intelligently drive your hiring process with data

JOIN delivers the technology to propel your recruiting efforts into the 21st century to attract the candidates you are looking for.

Create compelling job ads

Customize your job ads with our easy-to-use editor.

Promote your ads the smart way

Achieve your maximum reach by using our innovative one-click multiposting engine.

Manage your candidates seamlessly

Discover better candidate management to improve your hiring process and success effectively.

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