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How JOIN simplified international hiring for Shayp

“JOIN is one of the best tools we use. With JOIN, I create one job advertisement and it is uploaded and shared to multiple job boards! My positions now receive a lot of applications.”

Simona Marano

Shayp logo HR Officer

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team growth since 2017

5 countries

in which Shayp now operates


more applications since using JOIN


Shayp is a start-up founded in Brussels in 2017. They help businesses to take charge of their water wastage by connecting their smart devices to theirShow more

Shayp is a start-up founded in Brussels in 2017. They help businesses to take charge of their water wastage by connecting their smart devices to their water systems. With Shayp’s innovative technology, businesses are able to see if there is a leakage in their water systems and quickly stop water from seeping out by shutting it off.

They can also monitor water usage and decide when to take action to cut down usage. Shayp now has team members in Belgium, France, Spain, Germany, and the Netherlands, and is looking to expand further in the future!Show less


Startup, Sustainable Services, Tech

Founded in


Team size


“We’ve saved a lot of time with JOIN’s one-click posting to different job platforms. It’s exceptional!”

photo from simona marano of shayp

Simona Marano

HR Officer

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The challenge

Finding candidates with the right skills and language requirements

As Shayp began to expand out of Belgium, they noticed finding candidates with the required skills, as well as fluency in the right languages, was a difficult task. 

With minimum resources working on recruitment and HR tasks, it was also difficult to respond and communicate with candidates quickly enough. This meant qualified talent was slipping through the cracks and receiving other offers before Shayp could get in touch with them.

In short, if Shayp wanted to secure international talent, they needed to up their game.

The three biggest pain points Shayp needed to solve:

  • Finding international candidates
  • Speeding up processes
  • Developing a solid recruitment structure

After searching the internet for a solution, Simona discovered JOIN.

“Before JOIN, our recruitment was not very well-structured and an extremely long process. JOIN is helping us to be more concrete and structured in our Talent Attraction process”

photo from simona marano of shayp

Simona Marano

HR Officer

The solution

Shayp started using JOIN to find international talent faster

Once Shayp began expanding outside of Belgium, a solution was needed to find qualified talent to join the business.

By using JOIN's talent attraction software, Shayp managed to access job boards to target talent in other countries.

Improved location targetting

JOIN helped Shayp to reach talent in places outside of Belgium. Before JOIN, it was difficult for the company to find German speakers with the right skills for the role. But, using JOIN’s multiposting feature to post ads across multiple suggested job boards meant that the number of qualified applicants quickly increased. Simona stated:

“JOIN helps us to hire from other parts of Europe easily. Since using JOIN, we have received nearly double the applications and I’m generally happy with the quality of applicants! ”

Structured, timely processes

Using JOIN meant that all applications from all job boards were collected in one place. This made monitoring and responding to applicants a quicker, simpler process.

Shayp use JOIN alongside Odoo to help build a recruitment process that works for them. They have managed to cut down the time to hire significantly, while still working to improve the process.

Easily edited job descriptions and titles

Shayp have found that the best way to increase relevant applications is to tweak the job advertisement until it is perfect. Previously, this would have been a time-consuming task, but thanks to JOIN’s simple dashboard, the job advertisement can be changed once and will update everywhere it is posted. As Simona says:

“With JOIN, it’s easy to edit and change a job advertisement across every platform, meaning we can make changes to the title and description and see what works best for us.”

Excellent customer support

When first discovering JOIN, Shayp stuck to the free version. However, after having a conversation with the JOIN Customer Success team, they discovered the many additional benefits and premium features that they weren’t yet using.

Together with the Customer Success team, Shayp managed to discover how best to use JOIN for their business. Simona mentioned, “Customer service is great at JOIN, anytime I have had a few questions they have been answered straight away.”

How does Shayp hire with JOIN?

Shayp creates one job advertisement using JOIN, and multiposts it across multiple job boards that JOIN recommends depending on the role type and location.

The candidate applications are then downloaded as PDFs and shared with the team in a Google Drive folder before screening and interviews take place.

What does the recruiting process at Shayp look like now?

Step 1: Write a job ad in JOIN

Step 2: Multipost job ad automatically with JOIN 

Step 3: Monitor applications in JOIN

Step 4: Screening with HR

Step 5: First interview with a manager

Step 6: Assessment 

Step 7: Technical interview

Step 8: Offer

We’ve substantially helped Shayp grow their team

Shayp have grown incredibly since their beginning in 2017, and they have expanded their team over four new markets. In the future, they hope to expand even further internationally.

+700% arrow up

team growth

Shayp increased their team by seven times and gained international employees in new areas such as HR, engineering, and content.

5 countries arrow up

covered by Shayp

Shayp started off in Belgium, but soon expanded to 4 further countries. They now have employees in Germany, France, Spain, and the Netherlands!

2x arrow up

more applications

Since using JOIN, Shayp have seen double the applications to their job advertisements.

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