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How to use Recruitee and JOIN together

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About Recruitee

Recruitee is a collaborative hiring software that delivers a complete solution to help internal HR teams work with the rest of their organisation.

With an easy-to-use interface, thousands of scaling businesses have used Recruitee’s recruitment management and applicant tracking system to interview and hire the best talent.

Why integrate Recruitee with JOIN?

The integration of JOIN and Recruitee allows you to streamline your recruitment process even further. With the help of the integration, you regain valuable time to focus on:

  • Building a winning team – empower teams with the best tech tools, including integration with JOIN.
  • Automating your hiring – Set up automated actions and focus on what matters most – hiring the best talent.
  • Boosting your sourcing power – make everyone a recruiter with Recuitee and JOIN.

How it works? The integration consists of two services: job and candidate synchronisation.

Job synchronisation creates, updates and archives jobs automatically, based on the jobs currently published on Recruitee. This means that you will only need to maintain jobs on Recruitee, and JOIN will replicate those jobs automatically – without any extra input from you.

Candidates synchronisation forwards applications from JOIN to Recruitee. This means that you can use Recruitee to manage applications without having to log in to JOIN.

You will still be able to use JOIN for purchasing premium products and benefit from the attractive prices on relevant job boards.

The Recruitee integration is best for

Recruitee is an Applicant Tracking System that integrates perfectly with JOIN, helping you to reach even more candidates. This integration helps recruiters and recruitment teams to effectively manage their applicants.

Subscriptions are tiered based on your team’s needs and the number of active job slots in your company’s account In Recruitee there’s no limit on the number of team members who can use the tool to support collaborative hiring.

How to Integrate Recruitee with JOIN?

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