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How to use Kununu and JOIN together

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About Kununu

Kununu is Europe’s leading platform for employer reviews and information on salary and company culture. With more than 4.9 million ratings for over a million companies, they aim to show potential employees what the company is really like, and avoid disappointments further down the line.

Kununu is a place to go for job seekers. On Kununu, job seekers can anonymously check employer ratings from employees, applicants and apprentices without registration. In addition, the Kununu culture compass provides insights into the corporate culture , as well as information on salaries.

Kununu offers employers a wide range of opportunities to present themselves and communicate their strengths and advantages to job seekers.

Why integrate Kununu with JOIN?

Before candidates apply, they usually do lots of research on a potential employer. They want to know about the company culture and former employees’ experiences to see if the company might match their expectations.

With the JOIN and Kununu integration, the Kununu widget can be included in your job posting. Kununu is a trustworthy website that can improve candidate experience and strengthen employer branding by offering applicants a direct touchpoint to research the company and show transparency towards candidates.

The Kununu integration is best for

Kununu and JOIN integration can be beneficial to any company who aim to be transparent and proactive. Your Kununu score can be added directly to the job ad and your Kununu company profile will be just a click away. ​​This way, companies may become more attractive to applicants.

Please note: Kununu is currently only available in German.

How to Integrate Kununu with JOIN?

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