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How to use Kenjo and JOIN together

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About Kenjo

Kenjo is an all-in-one HR software suitable for administration, recruiting and employee development. Kenjo tends to eliminate the frustration of tedious HR processes through digitisation and automation. At the same time, Kenjo helps create a company culture where people can thrive, leading to better business outcomes.

Kenjo offers a web platform to manage processes such as on/off-boarding, time off, shift planning, and employee pulse surveys and feedback to improve engagement. Beyond that, you can also manage your entire recruiting pipeline and applicants through the tool.

Why integrate Kenjo with JOIN?

Kenjo offers an advanced Applicant Tracking System (ATS) designed to assist internal HR teams of all sizes in organising and scaling their HR processes. With JOIN’s powerful multiposting feature, you will be able to attract more applications than before, and manage them optimally.

The integration consists of two services: job and candidate synchronisation.

Jobs synchronisation creates, updates and archives jobs automatically, based on the jobs currently published on Recruitee. This means that you will only need to maintain jobs on Recruitee and JOIN will replicate those jobs automatically – without any input from you.

Candidate synchronisation forwards applications from JOIN to Recruitee. This means that you can use Recruitee for the management of applications without having to log in to JOIN.

You will still be able to use JOIN for purchasing premium products and benefit from the attractive prices on relevant job boards.

The Kenjo integration is best for

Companies that benefit from using Kenjo and JOIN integration are those with between 10 and 250 employees, and often experiencing a moment of growth where Excel sheets and email don’t do the trick anymore for HR leads.

How to Integrate Kenjo with JOIN?

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