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Factorial + JOIN

How to use Factorial and JOIN together

About Factorial

Factorial is an all-in-one software that helps SMEs worldwide manage time, talent and documents in one centralised system, saving time, eliminating mistakes and leading companies to success. Factorial tools automate and centralise administrative tasks to provide insights and help organisations run more smoothly.

Why integrate Factorial with JOIN?

The integration of JOIN and Factorial allows you to streamline your recruitment process even further. With the help of this integration, you regain valuable time to focus on:

  • Building a winning team – empower teams with the best tech tools, including integration with JOIN.
  • Automating your hiring – Set up automated actions so you can do what matters most – hire the best talent.
  • Boosting your sourcing power – make everyone a recruiter with Factorial and JOIN.

How does it work? The integration consists of two services: job and candidate synchronisation.

Job synchronisation creates, updates and archives jobs automatically, based on the jobs currently published on Factorial. This means that you only need to maintain jobs on Factorial, and JOIN will replicate those jobs automatically – without any extra input from you.

Candidate synchronisation forwards applications from JOIN to Factorial. This means that you can use Factorial to manage applications without having to log in to JOIN.

Factorial is a good option for IT and blue-collar companies with 50 to 100 employees. Combined with JOIN’s powerful multiposting feature, this combo synchronises jobs and candidates, enables posting for free and the purchase of premium job boards, so that these companies can find the right talent faster.

The Factorial integration is best for

Those who need software that can provide them with:

  • Time features: time off, time tracking and time management
  • Talent features: Employee performance, eNPS, Surveys, Talent Acquisition (ATS and Company Page)
  • Legal and finance: Payroll, Expenses and e-Signature

How to Integrate Factorial with JOIN?

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