Middle Machine Learning Engineer

Data Processing, Data Engineer

We are developing Qdrant, an open-source vector database that enables developers to use cutting-edge, blazing-fast vector similarity search technology. Our flagship product is the open-source Vector Similarity Search Engine: https://github.com/qdrant/qdrant Our mission is to provide a scalable, cost-effective, open-source solution that simplifies the development of applied-AI applications.

We provide support to our customers and early adopters, enabling them to harness the capabilities of Large Language Models (LLMs) and vector search in their business operations. Our aim is to assist them in integrating a modern AI stack into their processes.


  • Build prototype applications which use LLM and vector search under the hood
  • Fine-tune machine learning models on custom data
  • Deploy developed solutions into production


  • Python Experience: Mininum 3 years of professional python development
  • Python Ecosystem: FastAPI, Celery, Streamlit
  • ML Stack: PyTorch, numpy, pandas, sentence-transformers
  • Tools: Docker, git, linux, bash


  • Opportunity to work with a modern artificial intelligence stack.
  • No legacy code, result-oriented development
  • Fully Remote & Timezone-Friendly: Enjoy the flexibility of a full-remote position, accommodating diverse time zones for optimal work-life balance.

Application Process:
Interested candidates are invited to submit their resume and a portfolio of relevant projects.

Qdrant is an equal opportunity employer, and we welcome applications from all qualified candidates.

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Qdrant is powering the next generation of AI applications with advanced, high-performant vector similarity search technology. Our flagship product is the leading open-source Vecto…

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