1-10 employees
Lausanne, Switzerland
Autonomous vehicles are nearly there. Yet, no comparable device allows a pedestrian to walk down a sidewalk. That's why we've built biped, the world’s first AI copilot for blind and visually impaired people. The device is worn as a harness, on the shoulders. It analyses the surroundings in real-time using advanced computer vision, and it warns the user about potential collisions with sounds. biped started in 2021. Since then, we started building our dream team, tested the device with >300 beta-tester, worked with leading partners around the world, and sent biped devices all across Europe and the US. We're currently a team of 6. We try to do things differently, really. Everybody has a voice in the decisions we take, we're backing our employees, and we try to make biped a stimulating workplace. We're here to make an impact, we have ambition, we're super motivated to get there. Want to join us but your dream job is not listed yet? Just reach out: hello[at]biped[dot]ai
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