Adfinis AG
Adfinis AG

Linux System Engineer (Automation, 80-100%, Remote-First)

Bern, Switzerland (hybrid)
System and Network Administration

Adfinis drives digitalization with open standards and technologies, shaping a world of innovative, sustainable, and resilient IT solutions based on trusted open-source technology.

As our company grows, we’re on the lookout for Linux System Engineers at the Junior, Professional, and Senior levels to join our Classic IT team, which builds and runs critical Linux-based IT infrastructure for customers from all industries.

In our team of 24 people, everyone plays an important role. Junior Engineers on helpdesk make sure our customers get quick support and take care of the regular maintenance for systems under SLA. Our Professional Engineers are responsible for handling their own small projects and are also involved in engineering work to develop the infrastructure small and large organizations rely on. Senior Engineers take on tech lead roles in multi-months projects and draw up architecture designs for new systems. But fear not, you won’t be blocked in a box at Adfinis.

Together with the People Lead, we help find just the sweet spot for you
between using your current tech knowhow and learning new skills.

We are fans of automation and helping our customers modernize their infrastructure. We use Ansible to deploy and maintain our technology stack, which consists of IDM, Databases, Web & Application Servers, Systems Management, Collaboration, Groupware solutions, and more.


What You'll Be Doing

  • Figure out what our customers really need, sometimes even before they do.
  • Bring customer systems to life, beef them up, and keep them running smoothly.
  • Rock customer meetings like a boss. Help customers unravel tech mysteries, making things work like a charm again.
  • Make our services even better and come up with new stuff to bring to the table.
  • Craft neat documentation that earns super-subtle nods of approval from others


What You Bring to the Table

  • A passion for automation and know-how to make it happen with Ansible or Terraform.
  • A knack for troubleshooting and engineering bullet-proof systems.
  • Proficiency in Red Hat and/or SUSE products (bonus points if certified!).
  • At least a B2 proficiency in both German and English, preferably C1.
  • As the cherry on top, experience with git / git workflows, Web Servers (i.e. Apache, Nginx), databases (i.e. MariaDB, PostgreSQL), user auth (i.e. LDAP, OIDC), scripting languages (i.e. Bash, Python), virtualization (i.e. KVM, Proxmox), and/or storage (i.e. NFS, iSCSI).

Which Soft Skills Will Come in Handy

  • Untangling tricky knots and cooking up smart fixes.
  • Lending a hand and jumping in to put out a fire when needed.
  • Striving for top-notch work and reliably following the game plan.
  • Getting your point across to fellow techies and customers.
  • Embracing new tasks and doing so without someone having to tell you.
  • Keeping your cool when the heat's on.
  • Grabbing new knowledge with both hands to level up your skills.


  • We're REALLY serious about Open Source. Keeping things transparent and accessible, supporting collaboration, and bigging up the community, it's not just what we do; it's who we are.
  • Full-time or part-time, working on-site or logging in from your couch; the choice is yours. Thinking of jetting off for a bit? Hit us up in advance, and we'll probably sort it out.
  • Pick Your Poison: Emacs, Nano, or Vim? Arch, Manjaro, or TempleOS? Whatever tools or distro make you deliver that sweet, sweet system engineering performance, it's all up to you. No Microsoft products, tho.
  • Being right in the sweet spot between a small tech shack and a big corporation, we keep it real with a down-to-earth attitude, solid business processes, and speedy decisions.
  • We're all about that growth mindset. Whether it's levelling up your skills, nabbing some new certs, or geeking out at conferences, we've got your back.

Does that sound interesting to you?

Rafaela and Dan will be happy to review your application.

We are looking forward to getting to know you!

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  1. Linux System Engineer (Automation, 80-100%, Remote-First)