Fashion Content Writer

Remote (Ukraine)
Journalism, Writing
800 USD to 1 000 USD / month

We are currently seeking a Content Writer to join our Growth team. The key responsibility of a Content Writer will be to develop articles on fashion, photography, e-commerce, and other related topics. The Content Writer will collaborate with in-house and freelance industry experts to deliver credible and unique blog pieces to establish Squareshot as a go-to destination for fashion-related visual content production.


  • Write unique blog pieces on various topics surrounding fashion, photography, and e-commerce, while incorporating topical keywords.
  • Collaborate with Squareshot’s Growth Manager and Content Creator to continuously manage a Content plan.
  • Interview in-house specialists and freelance experts to increase the credibility and informativeness of each written article.
  • Assist Content Creator in developing company and product updates, including short-form content for newsletters and the website.
  • Assist Growth Manager in preparing talking points for Podcasts.
  • Uphold and fine-tune Squareshot’s tone of voice.
  • Improve existing articles to include more useful knowledge and resources.


  • Fluent in written English (spoken English is also welcomed to communicate with experts)
  • Portfolio of short-form (under 500 words) and long-form (over 1000 words) articles
  • Industry knowledge is a plus. Familiarity with photography services, fashion, and lifestyle brands helps in creating more accurate and engaging content.
  • Basic knowledge of SEO principles.
  • Strong time- and self-management skills (as you will be required to produce a high volume of content regularly)
  • Understanding of how to employ AI tools to assist in creating original content efficiently


  • Compensation of $800-1000/month.
  • A healthy environment where mutual respect is key.
  • 8-hour workday, Monday through Friday (flexible schedule).
  • Dynamic environment. If you feel comfortable in such an environment, you will definitely find your place.
  • Courses and qualification upgrades you require to meet your professional goals.
  • No bureaucracy.
  • Freedom and resources to experiment and test ideas.
  • Strong and humane team.

What you will learn

Working at Squareshot with growing U.S. fashion brands can provide you with a unique combination of creative challenges. It offers opportunities to gain valuable insights, learn new skills, and develop expertise that is directly applicable to the dynamic and competitive fashion e-commerce sector. Here are some key lessons that project managers can learn in this context:

  • Fashion Industry Trends
  • E-commerce Dynamics
  • Photography Techniques
  • Styling and Art Direction
  • Content creation
  • Marketing and Branding: Understanding how fashion brands market their products and the role of high-quality visuals in branding can be valuable knowledge for project managers.
  • Adaptability: The fashion industry can be highly unpredictable, with seasonal shifts and sudden changes in demand.

Why join Squareshot as a Content Writer?

At Squareshot, we offer a unique opportunity to be part of a dynamic and growing company in the fast-paced fashion and e-commerce industry.

We believe in a flexible work environment that values results over time spent. You will have the freedom and resources to experiment, test ideas, and make a direct impact on our product and the company's end result. We also offer continuous learning and development opportunities to help you meet your professional goals.

Apply now and let's shape the future of visual storytelling in the fashion industry together.

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