Purpose Green Real Estate GmbH
Purpose Green Real Estate GmbH

Senior Software Engineer (React)

Software Development

Real estate is responsible for 35% of emissions and 40% of energy consumption. Our team, with many years of experience in the real estate, construction, and digital industries, has set itself the task of changing this.

The Engineering Team

We believe in small, autonomous, and cross-functional teams with a lot of ownership. Joining the team, you will be not only focusing on the Implementation part but will also be involved in the full Product lifecycle.

Our company has a policy of requiring all team members to work from our office in Kurfürstendamm 38/39. We believe that a physical office environment fosters collaboration, creativity, and a sense of camaraderie. It also allows us to provide our employees with the resources and support they need to be successful in their roles.


At Purpose, we put a lot of emphasis on impact, speed, and user value. We also take time to find better ways to work, use new tools, and adopt new technologies — for us, this is an essential part of work.


💪🏼 Be an integral part of Product Development and deliver user value with your experience and code.

💻 Advocate for the best engineering practices and help your teammates adopt them.

🛠 Participate in the Business, Product, and Tech Refinements to shape not only how we build, but also what will be built.


🏗️ The impact of your work drives you. You don't require a large team to make things happen.

🙋🏽 You strive for customer value.

💡 You consider the perspective of the user and the company when proposing new ideas. Why we do something is just as important as what we do.

📏 You set code standards through your work and mentor fellow engineers.

🗣️ You can express yourself in both German and English

🖥️ Our WEB stack is a Remix-oriented Monorepo powered by turborepo and pnpm workspaces. Containing a ready-to-deploy Remix App on fly_io via the building of a Docker container.

💽 Our BE is mainly PHP/Laravel but we are also using Node.js when needed

🗄️ We are mainly using AWS as our Clode Provider

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Purpose Green Real Estate GmbH

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  1. Senior Software Engineer (React)