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Head of Security (m/w/d)


The role and a bit about us

The role presents an opportunity to become an integral part of our Tech Team with plenty of room to perform as a Head of Security.

We are seeking a Head of Security responsible for taking a critical role in upholding the security of peaq products at EoT Labs, from conceptual in their design to completion. Security, your role extends beyond ensuring the security of individual applications to encompass the broader landscape of blockchain network security. This involves not only the meticulous protection of individual applications but also the continuous monitoring and fortification of the entire blockchain network.

Furthermore, your strategic insights will guide the organization in making informed decisions about the selection and implementation of blockchain protocols. This includes staying abreast of the latest developments in cryptographic security and recommending enhancements to our systems as needed.

Being part of the preventative defense for our company, you'll identify and mitigate emerging threats to peaq environment stemming from vulnerabilities and architectural issues in the earlier stages of our products.

We are a team of hungry entrepreneurs, engineers and creatives, driven by the opportunity to have a real-world impact. We’re transforming the corporate-controlled Internet of Things into a people-powered Economy of Things, positively shaping our collective future in the process. Check out our vision deck to learn more about our ‘why’.

If you identify with the above, you’re not just looking for a 9-5, and are ready to take complete ownership of this position - we look forward to hearing from you.

What you bring to the table

  • 4+ years’ proven experience as a security lead.
  • Require in-depth knowledge of consensus algorithms, cryptographic security mechanisms, and smart contract security, with a focus on those used in Polkadot, Ethereum, Solana, Cosmos, and Binance ecosystems.
  • Experience in designing and implementing security strategies for cross-chain interoperability, addressing risks in cross-chain communication and transactions.
  • Experience in Security Architecture , specially with respect to the applications building on top of blockchain networks.
  • Expertise in securing blockchain applications with DEX, bridge, and NFT features. Responsibilities include ensuring application layer security, conducting dApp security audits, and managing vulnerabilities in smart contract interactions and cross-chain communications. Must be adept at implementing secure transaction protocols and safeguarding user assets within blockchain ecosystems.
  • Detailed experience in blockchain-specific incident response and threat intelligence, including real-time monitoring of network activities, anomaly detection, and quick response to security breaches.
  • Proficiency in using blockchain analytics tools for security monitoring and forensics.
  • Proven experience in conducting smart contract audits or pallets, with a focus on identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities in smart contracts across various blockchain platforms.
  • Expertise in cryptographic principles and algorithms, ensuring the secure transmission and storage of sensitive information within blockchain networks.
  • Prior work experience in blockchain/cryptocurrency fields.

Nice to have

  • Understanding of network security (incl. Network and Host IDS/IPS, WAF, SIEM, Antimalware, DLP, URL filtering, other).
  • Secure coding and Security Testing knowledge (SAST and DAST), Vulnerability management.
  • Understanding of OWASP top ten web application security risks.
  • Understanding of the Polkadot ecosystem.
  • Hands-on experience implementing security protocols for both pallets and smart contracts.

Things you will do

  • You would be the owner of security of new and existing products through pentesting and threat modeling, and contributing towards internal tooling and integration to ensure that security is baked into the software development lifecycle.
  • Oversight of cryptographic key management and encryption strategies to safeguard data integrity.
  • Integration of security practices seamlessly into the DevOps pipeline, ensuring that security is not a hindrance but an integral part of the development lifecycle
  • Build a comprehensive, prioritized assessment of the security risks that our on/ofchain products face and a roadmap for mitigating those risks
  • Develop on/off chain security strategies and provide security guidance for new on/off chain products and technologies
  • Support teams in reviewing, auditing, and securing novel smart contracts and pallets
  • Review systems to secure digital assets (e.g. cryptocurrency) from attackers.
  • Engineers will come to you as a trusted source of guidance for the secure development and maintenance of their products. Your insight will be consulted for strategic technical decisions, to guarantee that security is not an afterthought in our technical roadmap.
  • Your responsibilities include overseeing the cryptographic security measures implemented in our decentralized systems.
  • Conducting security risk assessments, audits, and vulnerability studies to identify vulnerabilities and risks, and develop action plans to mitigate them.
  • Developing and implementing cohesive policies, procedures, and training programs.
  • Promoting positive security culture, risk management, and security awareness.

What we offer

  • Remote first. You’ll be joining a team working from all over the world.
  • Flexible working arrangements. Create your own journey with flexible working schedules and locations.
  • The opportunity to contribute to innovative projects in and exciting industry that has the potential to positively shape our world.
  • High growth potential. Room to grow professionally at EOT Labs, while learning new skills and working on the cutting edge of Web3 and IoT.
  • A warm and open culture at an international organization with team members coming from all four corners of the globe.
  • An environment that values freedom, autonomy, team spirit and open communication.

What guides us

  • We believe that great teams can only deliver great results consistently if they work under conditions that give them creative freedom and a manageable workload, creating full focus on what's important.
  • We find strength in diversity and authenticity.
  • We give you the freedom you need to be great at what you do.
  • We create a space where people can do what they love and live up to their potential.

We look forward to building the future with you.

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