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Founders Wanted (m/w/d)

Product Management

The Opportunity

We’re looking for founders to build the next generation of applications focused on the real world.

You’ve heard of the Internet of Things. That is fast being replaced by the Economy of Things and IoT Apps are being replaced by EoT Apps, or dApps — decentralized applications.

EoT Labs is leading the transition from one era to the next. We are the team behind peaq, the go-to blockchain for real-world applications — which you can think of as the infrastructure for the Economy of Things. There are tens of applications being launched on peaq right now, and tens of applications — or DePINs, Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks — as they’re now known, that need founders to run with the idea, and build the future.

We've got 10+ ventures with the potential to revolutionize industries and positively impact hundreds of millions of people -- and now we're looking for the right people to take them to the moon. We've got business plans, funding, and partnerships lined up for you.

Do you have what it takes?

Applications / DePINs

Here’s a list of projects that need founders. Please specify which project(s)/role(s) you’re most interested in when applying.

  • Air Quality DePIN (funded project needs CEO and CTO)
  • 5G Connectivity DePIN (funded project needs CEO and CTO)
  • Weather DePIN (direct access to Tier-1 manufacturer & partnership lined up)
  • Robotics DePIN (direct access to Tier-1 manufacturer & partnership lined up)
  • Electric Vehicle Charging (needs technical co-founder)

About EoT Labs

EoT Labs is an open-source development, incubation, and deployment lab. We deploy a hybrid approach to work. Our 25+ person team can work remotely or choose one of our co-working hubs to meet with fellow team members. The team comes together for in-person sessions regularly (pandemic, war, and inflation permitting). Our mission is to upgrade the Web2-based Internet of Things to the Web3-based Economy of Things, unleashing the full potential of vehicles, robots, and devices for the betterment of society.

We are a team of ambitious entrepreneurs, engineers, and creatives who are motivated by the opportunity to make a tangible impact in the world. If you resonate with the above and are seeking more than a traditional 9-5 job, and are prepared to take full responsibility for this position, we would love to hear from you.


Strategic Direction: Architect and drive the company's future vision, aligning it with both short-term objectives and long-term goals. This includes mapping out key milestones, revenue streams, and impact metrics.

  • Team Leadership and Culture: Handpick, mentor, and lead a dynamic team towards collaborative success. You'll be responsible for establishing a work culture that breeds success.
  • Capital and Financial Oversight: Secure the financial health of the venture through expert capital raising, budget management, and financial forecasting.
  • Innovation and Product Development: Take charge of the entire product development cycle, from concept to market launch. Ensure the products or DePINs you create aren't just disruptive but also address real-world needs.
  • Stakeholder Relations: Act as the face of the company to all stakeholders. This includes cultivating strong relationships with investors, partners, and the broader community to further the venture's reach and impact.

What You Bring to the Table

Leadership Prowess: Demonstrable experience in a CEO role or similar high-level executive position, preferably in a startup or innovative tech environment.

  • Team Building Excellence: Strong acumen in team management, proven by a track record of assembling and leading high-performing teams.
  • Communicative Finesse: Exceptional communication and people skills, ensuring transparent and effective dialogue with team members, investors, and external partners.
  • Financial Wizardry: Proven aptitude in raising funds, managing budgets, and understanding the intricacies of financial markets and sustainable business models.
  • Innovation and Execution: Experience in taking ideas from the drawing board to the market, backed by a portfolio of innovative, successful products.

What You Can Expect

Evolution: This isn't just a job—it's a path to becoming the leader of a groundbreaking venture in the Economy of Things.

  • Impactful Contributions: A unique opportunity to shape emerging technologies and create positive, far-reaching impact in a rapidly evolving industry.
  • Sky's the Limit: We offer unparalleled growth prospects within an organization that's as globally diverse as it is ambitious.
  • Culture of Inclusion: A truly international work environment that values diverse perspectives, freedom, and authentic conversations.
  • Your Time, Your Way: Flexible work hours that respect your life outside of work.
  • Work from Anywhere: Our decentralized work model allows for remote work, so you can be productive wherever you feel most inspired – until you’re ready to leave the nest that is!

What guides us

  • We believe that great teams can only deliver great results consistently if they work under conditions that give them creative freedom and a manageable workload, creating full focus on what's important.
  • We find strength in diversity and authenticity.
  • We give you the freedom you need to be great at what you do.
  • We create a space where people can do what they love and live up to their potential.

We look forward to building the future with you.

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