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Pantex AG
Spontaneous Application
Are you a talented professional seeking your next career adventure? At Pantex AG, we appreciate proactive individuals who can bring a fresh perspective to our team.
While we may not have an immediate job opening that precisely matches your needs, your distinctive experiences and talents might be an excellent fit for us in the future.
How to apply
To submit your spontaneous application, please use the application form on the right to upload your CV and cover letter. Ensure that you mention your desired position in the cover letter.
Rest assured, our dedicated recruiting team will reach out to you once they identify a role that aligns perfectly with your skills and aspirations.

Pantex AG

Security and Investigations

Wir sind empathisch und engagiert. Herausforderungen meistern wir gemeinsam. Kunden und Mitarbeitenden begegnen wir auf Augenhöhe. Wir sind ein starkes Team.

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