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🗽About notus

We’re building the most valuable ecosystem for creator-first companies.

Many companies see the value of personal branding and storytelling.

However, they struggle to find their voice, can't come up with the right strategy, barely find the time to produce content, and lack consistency.

At notus, we build content engines for B2B founders & executives.

We capture their authentic voice through natural conversations (Content Calls) and podcasts, turning their raw expertise and unique story into content that builds brand equity and attracts the right people.

notus is young and growing fast.

Our roots are in New York City where we had the privilege to work with some of the biggest personal brands on the planet.

Now operating mainly out of Berlin, Zurich and New York. We are 100% bootstrapped.

This means that our #1 priority is to delight our customers and curate a network of inspiring personal brands, talented content strategists & creator-first companies.

Anyone who joins our team has the opportunity to build relationships with our roster of innovative founders, VCs, and executives.

In addition, we support you in building your own personal brand.

We're looking for entrepreneurial, bright-minded people who love telling stories and want to be part of this exciting ride to becoming the next big media house.


What’s the role of a content strategist at notus?

As a (freelance) Content Strategist, you'll be responsible for crafting and strategizing content for diverse personal brands.

Our experienced Senior Strategists will guide you through the process.

Our internal resources and content strategist academy are offered additionally.

Excellent writing and communication skills (English and/ or German) are essential and having an eye for great content is a must.

Your talent and growth are the keys to unlocking exciting opportunities with us!

Our customers value speed & quality above everything else. We're looking for people who apply tight focus to the tasks and content in front of them.

Those who can distill key ideas, themes and then turn those into engaging content/stories will be a great fit.

Here's how we set you up for success:

Get ready to soar as we immerse you in our dynamic approach and unlock the secrets to becoming a Content Wizard - the term we lovingly use.

Collaborate with seasoned Senior Content Strategists, learning from the absolute best in the field. Dive into exhilarating client projects right from the get-go, witnessing the significant impact your work as an aspiring Content Strategist can make.

You'll be crafting captivating content for your clients from day one, receiving valuable feedback to hone your skills further.

As you master our SOPs and learn our processes, the opportunity awaits to seize more responsibility and lead your own client project.

The sky's the limit for your growth with us!

Here are some of the things you’ll be working on:

  • Write banger social media posts, primarily for LinkedIn and Twitter (X)
  • Improve your writing through internal resources and courses
  • Strategy and management of client projects
  • Planning your own content strategy, calls and creating content pieces from them
  • Get in touch with people, whilst doing Community Management within your assigned projects
  • Write podcasts show notes and headlines
  • Pull out key takeaways and top quotes from long-form video & audio content
  • Help improve notus' internal workflows and processes to optimize for both our clients and your benefit


You’ll be a great fit if:

  • You have a passion for writing and creating content.
  • You're driven to learn and have participated in lots of courses (e.g. Alex Harmozi, Dickie Bush, Ship 30 for 30).
  • You are experienced in the field (> 1 year of experience).
  • You're a strong-self editor.
  • You're a proactive communicator and an excellent Interviewer.
  • You know how to work backward from deadlines and hold yourself accountable.
  • You structure your days well and are a team player.
  • You believe in setting high standards for the work product delivered to the client.
  • You have strong project management skills.
  • You have excellent English (and ideally German) writing & communication skills.
  • You know the content world and how to best repurpose a post to fit a different angle, content format and platforms (e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter (X)).
  • You have a growth mindset and are open to feedback.
  • You have prior experience in a writing role, whether it be journalism, content marketing, or something else.
  • You're familiar with working in Asana, Notion and other project management tools.

Additional details:

  • This is a part-time freelance position with a minimum engagement of 20 hours per week. With the option to increase hours or go Fulltime.
  • This could grow in commitment and responsibility over time — with good performance.
  • We're a distributed team and are hiring in European zones (ideally CET ±3 hours).
  • We’re hiring for immediate start dates; this will be a standing opening.


Why should you work with notus?

  • We invest in resources and learning material (access to courses, co-horts, and internal masterminds)
  • You get to work directly with founders and entrepreneurs (build relationships and learn from them)
  • You get to build your own personal brand (put out content and grow your audience)
  • We're 100% remote (in-person events are part of the agenda)
  • We're international (both our team and our clients are spread across the globe with a strong emphasis on the DACH region)

Okay, you applied for the position, what's next?

  • You'll receive a mail with a typeform questionaire. Please make sure to complete it for your application to be considered.
  • We'll ask you to write some sample work so we can understand your approach.
  • We'll onboard you as a Content Strategist if it's a good fit and get you working right away.

We have a 5-step recruiting process:

  1. Your application & the typeform questionnaire
    • if it sounds promising you'll...
  2. receive an invite to complete an unpaid assessment to test your personal branding writing skills and if this goes well, you'll get offered...
  3. a paid 2-week trial with real client copies to see if you are a good fit. For this we'll share some resources to guide you and be available for a first meeting to discuss any questions you might have.
  4. If you pass our recruiting process -> you will then be added to our freelancer database. This means we'll get in touch once we have a client you are the perfect Content Strategist for.
  5. We'd offer you a seat in our Content Strategist Training Program at notus - but more on that later.

All in all, we are building an international team of content creators, who share their passion for Personal Branding.

If you have questions, please let us know - we are looking forward to receiving your application.

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notus is a personal branding agency building content engines for startups. We help founders across DACH & the US tell their stories on social media.


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