Ecotrek GmbH
Ecotrek GmbH
2-10 employees
Berlin, Deutschland
At its core, Ecotrek is built on the belief that sustainability data mining and the efficient acquisition of public sustainability data can massively improve the performance of global supply chains. Based on transparency in big-data approaches, Ecotrek provides additional SRM software services for buyers and supplier managers. These include a precise determination of Supply Chain Sustainable Performance Indicators (SPIs), so that sustainability in the supply chain and its target achievement becomes measurable. Using collaborative optimization software, Ecotrek supports its users in reducing their supply chain impact. The mission of Ecotrek is to both integrate sustainability as a fourth value next to quality, delivery time, and price into purchasing decisions and to use automation to facilitate development of long-term partnerships between companies. Ecotrek is a sustainable data mining company that provides company based sustainability data to improve every business decision.
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