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Senior Product Manager​ (Remote, Permanent Contract) (f/m/d)

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At Product People, we're on a mission to help companies discover and deliver great products. Faster. We empower our 10,000+ people Product Management community to share knowledge generously whilst managing all the unglamorous hands-on work of a PM on an interim basis (3+ months). We onboard fast, align teams, and deliver outcomes.

Our clients include Zalando, Tier, Blinkist, and others.


  • Serve as an Interim Senior Product Manager: Our clients engage us at various stages of their product life cycle. This role takes you from scaling products, driving complex initiatives, helping a scale-up reach its quarterly KPIs, steering a product pivot, or setting up a new product department/capability.
  • Solve hard problems. Make a lot of product and business decisions that impact our clients. This is both exciting and demanding. Manage the delivery and discovery process of several initiatives in parallel. Sometimes it involves other Product, Program, and/or Project Managers depending on the client’s size and setup.
  • Partner with stakeholders. Deal with people and high-pressure situations with timely and candid reactions. Gracefully manage stakeholders that are pushing you to execute initiatives that may hurt them. Align them on building the right things.
  • Network or write. Further Product People's mission to help companies discover and deliver great products faster by supporting our community events or writing about product topics.
  • Train the next generation. Flex your coaching and mentoring muscles by helping Product Managers and Associate Product Managers grow and strengthen their practice.
  • Learn fast. You'll be reporting either to a Group Product Manager and benefit from their advice and experience. We're growing fast and building more pods and you'd be eligible for the Group PM role yourself when hitting internal milestones.
  • Help Product People thrive. Propose and take ownership of initiatives that make us stronger as a team, help us deliver great results for the clients faster, and optimize for long-term profitability and growth.
  • Reach the goal and make the client happy. Ideally, they like the impact you're making and renew our contract and/or get more Product People to support them.
  • Rinse and repeat. Get immersed in a new company, team, product, or initiative every 3-9 months with product development teams of 5-20 people.


  • 3+ Years of Product Management experience in Series C or later digital-first companies.
  • Fix the mess. Just like Marie Kondo, we are not called up when things are going well. It doesn't come naturally for anyone to bring in externals unless they are in great pain. Just like with illnesses people go to the doctor too late, in product topics very few do preventive care. And you are up for the challenge.
  • Show fast progress. You find quick wins and show signs of a fast turnaround while building up towards the client’s strategic long-term goals.
  • Influence without authority. Effectively manage various stakeholder groups consisting of strong personalities. You integrate quickly and are accepted by new teams in days rather than weeks. People want to work with you again and again.
  • Make an impact. Own key goals and ruthlessly prioritize outcomes and fast learning cycles. Communicate a compelling narrative about the product (and each existing/potential feature): what problem it solves, for whom, how, and why solving this problem matters in the first place.
  • Zoom in and out. Dive deep into the details or switch to a bird's eye view. You are good at both hands-on work and strategy. Understand how deep or wide you need to go. Break down complex initiatives into manageable, quantifiable work for the team.
  • Jack/Jill of all trades, master of some. You’ve built great user experiences and shipped simple, pleasant, productive user-facing products in a highly dynamic environment. 3+ years of experience, technical or design backgrounds are a plus but not mandatory.
  • CET Timezone: Please be within CET +/- 2 hours. Our team meeting schedule is on CET times, and so are our current clients.


  • Accelerated development. We aim to 10x your learning and networking opportunities. So when you move on in a few years, you will be the next product leader at a top company. And bring Product People in to support you.
  • Work on many products. Get exposure to a wide range of industries and leading B2C and B2B products.
  • Flexible Perks. €1000/year training budget, 3 paid learning days/year, €500 networking budget aka going for (social distanced) coffee with interesting people.
  • Aligned Incentives. The compensation package includes a yearly bonus tied to company profitability and client satisfaction plus equity.
  • Remote first, but also have the opportunity to work from a co-working space like WeWork, unless the client insists on your on-site presence (some may do that after COVID-19).

Note: Your application will only be considered for one position, so please do not apply to multiple positions.

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Discover and deliver great products faster—interim Product Management. We onboard fast, align teams, and deliver outcomes.
Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany
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  1. Senior Product Manager​ (Remote, Permanent Contract) (f/m/d)