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Manual Candidate Import

An example of how the new feature looks

We’ve made importing candidates manually a possibility! 

New feature

A lot of recruiters were receiving applications for open positions through avenues like word of mouth recommendations, or receiving a CV through email. 

This was getting a little messy, JOIN hasn’t had an option to be able to add these outside applicants manually before, so recruiters weren’t able to track or manage every application at the same time. 

We fixed that! 

How it works

  • Navigate to any job.
  • Click ‘Add Candidate’ in the top right corner. Note: on smaller screens this button displays as ‘+’.
  • Fill in the application information and confirm. 

The manual application is then added to the top of the applications list and recruiters can interact with it just the same as any other application, like being able to qualify or remove them.

Please remember

At the moment no automated emails will be sent out to these manually added candidates. For example, if a recruiter has automated rejection emails set up, they should not rely on these to inform their manual candidates. These still need to be sent independently from JOIN.

Enjoy manual candidate imports, and check back for more future updates!

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