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Magic Link Login

Preview of a job ad with magic link button for candidates.

Don't we all struggle to recall many different login data for our apps and platforms? That's why we decided to simplify our login process by means of a handy new feature. Discover our Magic Link Login for Candidates!


Simplified Candidate Login via Magic Link

What is so magic about Magic Link Login? First, it’s an easy and safe password-free way to log in. Magic Links allow users to log in to their account by clicking a link via email rather than having to remember their details every time. Secondly, it is safe and can be used as a multifactor authentication (MFA) strategy.

What is new?

Candidates who apply for jobs through JOIN hiring software no longer need to create and remember their passwords. So, now it is even easier for candidates to apply for jobs. By clicking the Magic link sent to their email, they will be automatically logged in from either desktop or mobile – this will help them apply for jobs on the go.

Pros of Magic link:

  • Effortless user experience
  • No need to think about safely handling passwords
  • Easier to apply for each new job
  • Reduction of churn

How it works?

Our new, magical login process will work as follows for both new and existing candidates in the future:

  1. The candidate should click on “Send log in link to my email” under the email address field
  2. JOIN will then send a one-time link to their email
  3. By clicking on the link, they will be prompted to apply for the job ad placed via JOIN

Done! Candidates are then forwarded directly to the application for the job advertisement placed via JOIN.

Have questions about our Magic Link Login? Find answers in our FAQ Section for Applicants!

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