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Interview Question Templates

Our interview questions are live! What does that mean? We want to create more helpful content for you, and we want you to have more confidence when interviewing candidates. 

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Interview Questions

We know a lot of time can be wasted interviewing applicants that, at the end of the process, don’t really feel like the perfect fit.

A lot of that can be down to not asking the right questions, but also not really understanding what to look for in an answer. So, once you’ve taken a look at our Job Ad Templates and used our expert advice to attract the perfect new team members, it’s time to think about interviewing them and making the most of the short time you’ll get to speak to them. 

We haven’t just put a list together of general questions you might ask in any interview, we’re building a library of individual interview questions related to specific job roles, which is growing every week.


A positive opener – It can be easy to forget what it’s like to go through an interview process as an applicant. You’ll get a lot more out of a person if they feel comfortable and confident while they’re answering your questions. We’ve outlined a couple of positive openers for you to “set the mood” and get a conversation flowing more naturally. 

Behavioural questions – These questions are designed to get a better understanding of who the person you’re talking to really is. It’s really important that you know what their interests are, what areas they’re most passionate about, and where they want to go in the next few years. For creative roles like content or design it’s also great to know where their inspiration comes from and how they avoid or control creative blocks. 

Soft skills – This skill set is probably the most essential and important part of any job role. It’s much more difficult to teach somebody good communication skills or teamwork, than it is to teach them a new tool or process. For example, if the role you’re interviewing for includes a lot of work coordinating different departments, you’ll want to ask questions that reflect those capabilities. Like if they’ve worked in a cross-collaborative team before, or if they’ve had to deal with a sensitive situation. 

Hard skills – These are the questions that most interviewers tend to focus on, there are always a lot of them and they are important to distinguish the seniority level of a candidate. You’ll want to ask things related to personal processes, about their qualifications and which tools they’re most comfortable using. Anything that is related solely to the individual job role counts as a hard skill. 

Situational questions – This is maybe the most fun part of an interview – giving a candidate a situation and seeing how they would come up with solutions. It’s a little less about the “correct” answer, and more about their thought processes and problem solving skills. You’ll also get a better understanding of how they define success and how they cope with criticism. 


Click here to visit our library of interview questions to gain confidence in your interviewing processes! 

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