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Customisable Candidates Pipeline

Customisable Candidate Pipeline in JOIN software

One of our most requested features is here! Recruiters, business owners and managers who have had many candidates apply for jobs via JOIN have requested we empower them further to design custom pipelines that better match their processes.

What’s changed?

We’ve made it possible for you to edit your candidate pipeline. Hiring is a process, and the change is constant. Still, with JOIN’s improved candidate pipeline, you’ll forget all about spreadsheets. Enjoy a more centralised workspace where information is up to date, and always know what’s the next stage in the process. Plus, you can share the updates with the rest of your team.

How it works?

On the left-hand sidebar, choose Jobs. Next, click on the job ad you want to view the candidates for. On the upper bar next to Candidates, change the tab to Pipeline.

This will help you visualise your hiring flow. You can use either the predefined names or create a unique hiring pipeline to keep track. Once you mark a candidate as ‘qualified,’ it will appear in the first stage of your Pipeline. 

How you can customise it:

  • Add new stage – click on the button on the right-hand side.
  • Delete stage – hover over it and click the settings icon, then choose delete.
  • Rename stage – click on the name to change it.
  • Drag & drop candidates from one stage to another. 

Illustration for hiring pipeline

Note: When you customise a pipeline, the change applies to the current job and all jobs created afterward. Existing jobs are not affected. Moving candidates through the Pipeline will not trigger any automated messages.

We recommend naming stages in order to reflect the milestones and interactions candidates face throughout their recruitment process. Stages are listed horizontally to help you visualise and track the whole effort.

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