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JOIN’s Cashback

A user gets cashback for a purchase

The recruitment benefit that takes your budget even further. JOIN Cashback gives you credit towards future purchases when you buy premium ads at specific job boards.

How does the JOIN Cashback reward programme work?

When you purchase a slot in a job board that offers Cashback, you will collect JOIN credits for each purchase.

When you see the Cashback icon, that means that Cashback is offered for that specific job board. Next to the icon, you’ll see how much you’ll get in credits. How much credit you receive will vary depending on the job board.

Credit you receive through Cashback will remain in your account for two years. Credits can’t be used to pay for a JOIN subscription, but can be used to purchase any bundle or slot in the JOIN store. 

Your credits can be used to purchase premium ads on JOIN, get a discount, or sent as a gift to your fellow recruiters. You can also receive credits as a gift, which will be added to your credit balance.

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