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New Candidates’ Job Application Flow

Our new application process further simplifies the candidate application flow, to boost the conversion rates of your job ads and lead to more applicants giving you only the information you need. The new flow prioritises the collection of screening questions and professional links, and does not require from candidates to input the Work and Education sections manually.

Simplified application flow

Based on our research and input from recruiters that hire with JOIN, we found that hiring managers and recruiters rely on the applicant’s uploaded CV, LinkedIn and other online profiles, and reviewing screening questions. Therefore, we’ve prioritised these, and removed fields with manual input, such as work and education.

What’s new?

Your applicants no longer have to manually enter information already present in their CVs. The new application flow leads to a better conversion rate for your job ads, and means a higher number of applicants will reply to your screening questions and leave professional links (e.g. link to their LinkedIn profile). 


The new flow is available immediately for all applicants, new and returning. Candidates who have already added their work and education can still edit it in their JOIN Profile if they need to reflect changes on old applications.

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