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18.01.2023 Talent acquisition

The beginner’s guide to small business recruitment

The beginner’s guide to small business recruitment


Recruiting for a small business can be a challenging task, as it often involves a smaller budget, fewer resources, and a smaller pool of potential candidates compared to larger companies.

However, it is essential for small businesses to get their recruitment right, as the success of a small business often relies heavily on having the right team in place. In this blog post, we’ll give you some tips and tricks for small business recruitment, and provide you with the perfect checklist to get started!

Can I hire a team without an HR department?

First things first, you may think it’s only possible to hire and onboard with an HR department, right? Well, you’ll be pleased to know that this isn’t the case. While an HR department is a valuable asset to any company, small businesses can easily achieve their first few hires without one.

Some of the things you’ll need to succeed are a deep understanding of the role you’re hiring for, a knowledge of how to write a good job ad, and help from your team.

For more tips on how to get started when hiring without an HR department, check out our blog post on the subject (featuring first-hand experience from someone who has done it — our CEO Tim Ruffner). Read it, here: Hiring employees for a small business without an HR department.

How can I attract talent as a small brand?

Attracting talent as a small brand might sound like a tough task if you have limited budget, experience, or headcount to help with this. But, the truth is, it is not only possible but much easier than you think.

From offering flexibility to your team to having regular social events, attracting the best talent doesn’t need to cost you billions!

Find out more in our article: 7 steps to attract talent as a small brand.

How do I avoid common recruiting mistakes?

Obviously, when recruiting for a small business for the first time, it can be all too easy to make some rookie mistakes! But, at JOIN, we want to make sure you’re as prepared as possible.

So, we put together a list of common recruiting mistakes, such as going overboard with your role requirements, for you to get to grips with before getting started.

Check out the full list in our article: The top 10 common hiring and recruiting mistakes (and how to avoid them!)

How do I create a good careers page?

A good careers page is essential to bringing in top talent as a small business. Without one, it’s extremely hard to win the trust and confidence of potential applicants or develop an employer brand. And, a careers page is an excellent, low-cost way of showcasing all your available roles to those who visit your site!

To make crafting your own page easy, we put together this article which gives you all the advice you need on how to create the best careers page on your website.

How can I cut down on recruiting costs?

As a small business, your recruiting budget might not match that of a larger company. So, naturally, you might find yourself asking, where can I save money when recruiting?

You can save money across all areas of the recruitment process when you’re just starting out. One of the best places to cut down costs is to use free job boards and post your jobs for free. We’ve already put together a list of the best free job boards you can use to recruit. So, be sure to check them out to lower your spending significantly!

Read about the best free job boards here.

How can I save time when recruiting?

Saving time when recruiting is essential for a small business, as you’ll often be hiring for a role alongside trying to keep up with your day job! There are several ways you can save time when recruiting, from multiposting your job ads to several boards at once to automating your recruitment process.

Find more tips on saving time when recruiting in our article: Recruitment and hiring ideas to save time (and money).

Keep working on your recruitment process

Using these tools and strategies, it’s possible to attract and retain top talent in your small business. From developing a strong employer brand to leveraging social media and networking, there are many ways to make your small business stand out as a desirable place to work, without spending too much.

Remember that recruiting is an ongoing process, so stay focussed and committed to finding the best candidates for your team. For further tips on how to do this, sign up for our newsletter and keep checking our Recruitment and HR Blog, which we’re always updating with helpful information!

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