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20.01.2023 Talent acquisition

A beginner’s guide to global recruitment

A beginner’s guide to global recruitment

Global recruitment is the process of recruiting talent from all around the world to fill positions within a company. It can be a great way to bring diverse perspectives, skills, and experiences to an organisation. However, it can also be a complex and challenging process.

Luckily, at JOIN we’ve got some tips on hand when it comes to global recruitment. Below, we’ll explore why a company may choose to recruit globally, discuss some of the challenges that can arise, and provide tips on how to overcome them.

Whether you’re looking to simply expand your company’s talent pool, or to make a specific hire within a certain country, this post is for you.

Why would I need to recruit globally?

Recruiting globally is unavoidable sometimes. If you’re opening a new office in a new country, for example, you’ll probably need staff to fill it!

However, if you’re on the fence about whether to recruit globally or not, then it is worth knowing that international hiring comes with incredible benefits, too! From bilingual employees to a whole new set of skills, we’ve highlighted some of the top advantages in our article: Global recruitment: How to hire international employees.

Increased diversity with global recruiting

If you’re looking to improve the diversity within your business, global recruitment is a great strategy to use. Hiring employees from around the world will ensure you have individuals from different perspectives, who can bring new angles and ideas based on their unique experiences.

For more information on why a diversity hiring strategy is a good idea, and how to put one into place, check out this article: 13 steps to improve your diversity recruiting strategy.

Hiring in the DACH region

At JOIN, we’re experts in hiring in the DACH region. So, if your global recruitment strategy has led you to recruit in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland, this is certainly a challenge we can help you with!

The following articles will give you the perfect starting point for posting your jobs where they’ll attract talent from your chosen region:

We’re also constantly adding new job boards to the mix, so be sure to sign up to our newsletter to stay updated!

Hiring remote workers

Of course, hiring globally doesn’t actually require your business to be active in the country in which you’re hiring! The recent rise in remote workers means that you’re free to hire global talent even without an active base where that talent is located.

And, to help you in this mission, there are several remote-focussed job boards which can ensure your job adverts are seen by the right people. We’ve rounded up some of the best remote job boards in the below article.

Keep the knowledge flowing

Hiring globally is a lot easier if you already have a solid hiring strategy and process in place. So, why not check out our Recruitment & HR Blog for tips and tricks across all areas of the recruitment process?

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