Target your next great hire by multiposting your job ad

Achieve maximum reach and visibility by posting and promoting your job ads on 10+ free and 100+ premium platforms.

Post for free. JOIN’s technology and data helps you determine the best promotion strategies and channels to find the right candidates more efficiently.

Premium campaigns. Attract the best candidates by posting your job ads to premium job boards with one click. Find your next great hire faster with discounts of up to 40%.

Track and optimize. Discover what works best for you. Gain unique insights on which job ad platforms perform best and which don’t.

Free Multiposting

Post to the best 10+ free job boards – with one click

Post your job openings to all sites at once - with one click. Get found by relevant candidates fast and start receiving applications quickly.

One-click multiposting. No more manual posting your job ads on various job platforms - we automatically post them for you.

Social sharing. One-click posting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google.

Advanced SEO. Break through the noise to gain more visibility and increase your reach.

Premium Campaigns

Find your next great hire faster with premium campaigns

Boost the visibility of your job ads and target the right candidates by promoting your job on premium job boards.

Accelerate your hiring. Push your job ad to 100+ platforms with thousands of candidates at your fingertips.

Save money on ads. Enjoy discounts of up to 40% on premium listings.

Invest wisely. Leverage our data-driven recommendations about where your job ad will perform best and achieve better Return on Investment (ROI) when finding your next great hire.

Track & Optimize

Uncover insights for smarter recruiting

If you're unsure what your best source for candidates is and which platforms actually perform - we’ve got you covered.

Source and conversion tracking. Clear and actionable insights drive faster hiring success.

Improve results. Optimize the recruiting pipeline and hiring process with measurable data that helps you identify what works and what doesn't.

Specialist support. Have questions? We are here to help.

Maximize your reach by publishing your job ads on any platform with a single click.

Get your job ad in front of thousands of candidates by using our innovative one-click multiposting engine – for free!

Here’s what our customers have been saying about us

"After implementing JOIN our volume in applicants increased by around 90% compared to previous months. The JOIN team optimized our reach and brought our job ad performance to the next level. Now we know where and when to reach the right talent for our industry. Their data-driven and intelligent job advertising campaigns post our job ads on multiple job boards with just one click, reducing the time spent by more than 10-fold. JOIN now makes up our largest external channel for candidates within Project A."

Moritz Trutschel

Head of IT Consulting

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Any Questions?

To put it simply, multiposting means that you only need to create one job ad to automatically publish it on 10+ major job platforms and job boards - for free!

By multiposting, you don't have to manually create the same job ad over and over again on different job boards. It also means you don't have to log in to different platforms to check if you've received applications there. JOIN simplifies and streamlines the work by importing all candidates from all sources with all their information and documents in one place. For a quick overview use the filter and search options, and share notes with your team members to manage applications more efficiently.

In our "Promote" section within the software, you can see all the free and premium platforms to which you can choose to post your job ad.

We also automatically recommend bundles to promote your ad better and thus find your next hire quicker.

We leverage our data and technology to help you decide where to best invest your money. We analyze and recommend specific job boards and platforms to help you find the right candidate faster.

With a premium job listing, there is a higher chance that more relevant candidates will see your ad. Getting found more easily leads to more views, and ultimately, more applications.

Within JOIN, you can purchase premium job slots and even combine premium job boards in bundles to better target candidates.

Yes, you can promote your jobs locally as you must enter a zip code when creating your job ad. We understand the importance of sourcing talent locally - especially these days - in supporting local economies and fostering community pride.