Effective candidate management

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and overloaded inboxes. With JOIN you can focus on capturing the best hires for your team.
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Streamlined hiring
All your candidates in one place to optimize your time-to-hire.
  • Instant overview
  • Modern and easy-to-use
Applicant tracking
Focus on the right candidates to hire the best professionals.
  • Enriched profiles
  • Candidate messaging
Team collaboration
Save your team from headaches and time-wasters.
  • Multiple user and roles
  • Shared comments and tags

Streamlined hiring

Efficient and effective

Quickly review incoming applications, sift out the unsuitable, and focus on the candidates with the best potential.
Instant overview
All candidate information in one place, including application questions, tags, and hiring stage.
Modern and easy-to-use
Intuitive, online tracking system that is optimized to improve your productivity and hiring success.

Applicant tracking

The best way to handle incoming candidates

All the candidate information you need, plus all the tools to quickly manage and communicate with them.
Enriched profiles
At a glance, all the relevant information for more efficient candidate processing.
Candidate messaging
Automatically send emails as candidates progress through your hiring pipeline.

Team collaboration

The hiring software that grows with you

Get things done with JOIN, whether you are a team of two or twenty.
Multiple user and roles
Easily define who in your team can review candidates, post jobs, and more.
Shared comments and tags
Centralized candidate feedback from everyone in your organization.


More Highlights

Streamlined hiring
  • Customizable pipeline
  • Organize your hiring workflow and drag-and-drop candidates into tailored job pipelines.
  • Search and filter
  • Quickly find candidates based on experience, source, tags, screening questions and more.
    Applicant tracking
  • Auto-sifting
  • Don't waste time! Candidates who don't meet your screening criteria are kept out of the way automatically.
  • Bulk actions
  • Easily disqualify, message or move multiple candidates through your hiring pipeline.
    Team collaboration
  • Interview scheduling
  • No-hassle calendar integration for more efficient meeting arrangements.
  • To-do's
  • Define tasks and send reminders to keep the hiring process moving.
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