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Manage your applications efficiently and optimize your recruiting process with your team.

Stop getting lost in spreadsheets and overloaded inboxes. With JOIN, you have an overview of all your hiring activity: team notes, ratings, and candidate communication all in one place.

Manage applications

Centralized, online tool
Instant overview
Modern and easy-to-use

Communicate with candidates

Unified inbox
Automated emails
Personalized templates

Collaborate with your team

Multiple user and hiring roles
Shared team notes and tags
Get valuable feedback from team members

Manage and nurture candidates at every step of their application.

Centralize and organize incoming applications, sifting out the unsuitable, and focus on the candidates with the best potential.

Instant overview

All candidate information in one place, including application questions, tags, and hiring stage.

Modern and easy-to-use

Intuitive, online tracking system that is optimized to improve your productivity and hiring success.

Engage and contact the best talent, fast

Candidates receive feedback automatically on their applications, followed by personalized emails throughout the hiring workflow.

Centralize communication

All your messages in one shared space, ensuring candidates get the attention they deserve.

Save time

Use customizable templates for application submissions and rejections.

Automated emails

Automatically message candidate as they progress through your hiring pipeline.

Use your team's knowledge to find the perfect hire

Hire as a team to get the best candidates for your company.

Hiring Teams

Add important colleagues to your hiring workflow, maximizing your chances of finding the best for your company.

Team communication

Share and review candidates seamlessly together with your team, saving valuable time for yourself and your colleagues.

Better feedback

Easily discuss candidates by safely sharing important feedback and notes with your team members.

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