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Glossar: Fachbegriffe aus HR & Recruiting

What is Hiring?

Hiring is the practice of finding and selecting candidates to fill job vacancies.

What is the difference between hiring and recruiting?

Hiring refers to what happens when a role needs to be filled, while recruiting refers to the scope of activities associated with attracting relevant and qualified talent to your organization.

What is the hiring process?

A hiring process is a step-by-step approach to filling job vacancies. There is no one way to carry out a hiring process, and every organization determines the necessary steps it needs to achieve hiring success. 

Here are typical steps in the hiring process:

  1. Identify the hiring needs
  2. Write a job description and publish to job boards individually to start recruiting 
  3. Review and screen received applications and shortlist qualified candidates
  4. Interview selected candidates
  5. Candidate assessment via tests or assignments
  6. Choose a candidate to make a job offer 
  7. Negotiate contract details and make the hire
  8. Onboard the new candidate

What is hiring success, and how can SMBs achieve it?

Hiring success is the ability to attract, select and hire the best talent for any role, on-demand, and on-budget. 

Several factors lead to hiring success, and one is providing an outstanding candidate experience. Besides creating compelling job ads and an easy application process, you can ensure a better candidate journey through consistent communication. Letting applicants know where they stand throughout the hiring pipeline, even those you plan to reject, is important to building relationships with your talent community.

Utilizing recruiting software can also facilitate hiring success. Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) or Talent Acquisition Software (TAS) provide tools for more cost-efficient and more effective hiring by helping to identify, manage, and evaluate candidates faster and easier. The other big advantage of these tools is multiposting jobs ads. JOIN and similar software allow you to create one job ad that can be posted to multiple job boards at once. And you can receive and track applications in one place, instead of having to create and log in to individual accounts on each job search platform.

HR software like JOIN improves hiring success with helpful features to manage the hiring pipeline. With JOIN you can automate communication with applicants, get actionable data insights, and streamline workflows for easy collaboration between teams.

What are some best hiring practices for SMBs?

The hiring goals of Small to Mid-sized Businesses might not be the same, but some tips apply across the board:

Put effort into your employer brand

Make sure you have a positive reputation and have a strategy in place to address negative online reviews or comments.

Focus on soft skills

While degrees and work experience are important, a candidate’s communication skills, ability to adapt and think creatively are also aspects that will add value to your business. With JOIN you can add custom screening questions to the application form to find out more about candidates’ soft skills. 

Be transparent about salary expectations

Candidates will expect a clear idea of your salary range as it plays a large role in their decision-making.

Multipost your job ads

Having to create and post jobs to individual boards is not time or cost-efficient. With JOIN you can use the job-editor to create one, search-optimized job ad and automatically post it to 10 free job boards at once. And you can track and manage applications you receive from all platforms in one place, eliminating the need to create and check up on multiple accounts.

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