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We're building a world-class developer relations team at Xata to bring our powerful product to the masses. The product aims to be the go-to serverless database for the web that offers automatic scaling, branches at the database level, zero-downtime migrations, ACID transactions, a built-in search engine, analytics, and more.

How We Work

  • We're meeting-light and asynchronous by default.
  • We encourage everyone to take initiative and lead by example.
  • We use our product at every opportunity.
  • We are community-driven and deeply care about the success of our users and customers.
  • We all work remotely, usually from home, and we meet in person a couple of times per year in a nice location. We have employees in Germany, Spain, Belgium, the US, Sweden.

Having founders with management experience from Elastic, Xata is well-financed by amazing investors, including Guillermo Rauch (founder of Vercel), Shay Banon (co-founder and CEO of Elastic), Neha Narkhede (founder of Confluent), Elad Gil, Christian Bach, and Mathias Biilmann (founders of Netlify), and many others.

We care about work-life balance

Even though we are a small team and an early-stage startup, we are well-financed and with a very long runaway. This allows us to think long-term, both in terms of strategy and building a healthy company culture. We know building a lasting company is a marathon, not a sprint.

We don’t track hours and we don’t count PRs. We evaluate productivity and quality over a 3-4 months period. All roles come with 30 days of paid vacation.

We care about diversity in tech

If you come from an underrepresented background in tech, if you're a woman or a person of color, we strongly encourage you to apply. We are challenging ourselves to build a healthy culture that allows us to build innovative and successful products.

Our founder, Monica Sarbu, founded a non-profit organization called Tupu that helps tech companies support diversity in tech through mentorship.


  • Creating, curating, and managing the Xata community
  • Maintaining and monitoring external-facing projects (usually GitHub repositories), supporting the work via Pull Requests
  • Regularly writing on the Xata blog and managing guest contributions
  • Working with conference organizers and other third-parties on sponsorships and deals
  • Monitoring social media for Xata mentions and bringing noteworthy content to the attention of appropriate stakeholders
  • Produce and perform high-quality content such as conference talks, blog posts, and online videos


  • Excellent communication skills in English, both nonverbal and verbal; verbal including oral and written
  • Experience with web development, preferably in the Jamstack space
  • A body of work displaying content you've created, including conference talks, blog posts, and online videos

Nice to haves:

  • Experience in a similar previous role


  • Competitive salary and stock options
  • Friendly and diverse work environment
  • Flexible schedule, work from anywhere you are productive
  • Budget for laptop + monitor
  • 30 vacation days

We're eager to hear from you and if you decide to apply, we're rooting for you!

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About Xata.io
11-50 employees
Computer Software
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Xata offers a serverless database service that combines the power of a traditional database 
with the UX of a spreadsheet.

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Monica Sarbu
Monica Sarbu
Founder and CEO
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