Verkstedt GmbHVerkstedt GmbH

Mid-Level / Senior JavaScript Developer (f/m/x)

Berlin, Germany
Software / Web Development
55.000 € to 67.000 € / year

Hi! We are verkstedt. 👋

We are a distributed team of software developers, regularly meeting in the heart of Berlin Mitte.

We are passionate about delivering high quality web applications with a strong focus on performance, scalability and robust solutions that don’t bother us during a nice board game session on a Saturday night.

We are looking for a Mid-Level / Senior JavaScript Developer to join our team.

Join us and become part of a seasoned team of skilled engineers! We offer you the opportunity to shape and evolve large-scale software projects, work flexibly and focus on code and shipping products, not bureaucracy.

Software engineering is always about trade-offs. Thus we try to focus on implementing pragmatic solutions and getting things done, rather than succumbing to dogmas.


Our focus is on JavaScript applications, both for the browser and the server. Once you join our team, you can decide if you would like to work more on the frontend, on the backend, or why not, on both? 😁

Your tasks will involve a combination of the following:

  • Implementing small, tested and modular frontend components, and client side applications, using technologies like React, Redux, Storybook, Jest, webpack and friends.
  • Implement backend JSON APIs, which can feed the client applications with data, using Node.js, koa / express, MySQL / MongoDB and Docker/Kubernetes.
  • Participate in as little meetings as possible.
  • Loosing a good portion of your sanity when building and maintaining CI/CD pipelines for our frontend and backend applications.
  • Contributing to open source projects.
  • Working on greenfield projects.

If this sounds like what you are looking for, get in touch! – We look forward to meeting you.


Basically there is only one major requirement we have: you should simply enjoy collaborating on building great applications, writing robust and clean code!

If you can combine this with some significant JavaScript experience, we’re very interested to meet you for a coffee!

Apart from that, since we’re a small team and we strongly believe that software development is a team sport and it is important for you to be self organised and enjoy interacting with other human beings.

This also includes a strong ability to find pragmatic solutions for complex problems and being able to accept that there are always multiple ways to achieve a given goal.

For us this also includes, that no one should be afraid of failures. As a team we only should try not to repeat them.

You should also be able to speak English fluently (and from time to time it can come in handy to speak a few words in German).


  • a competitive salary. Depending on your experience you can expect something in the range of 55.000 € – 67.000 € per year.
  • flexible working hours.
  • time for working on Open Source projects during our regular Open Fridays and
  • you can choose the gear you like.

Implementing web applications means hard work, so we always make sure to have enough coffee, fruits, Club Mate & snacks in the office and at our place we also hold regular Board Game evenings for those interested.

Great! Simply fill in the application form below and we will get in touch within a week.

What we then usually do is to start with a quick chat via Skype (or whatever channel works) to get to know each other and for you to ask any question that might come to mind.

If we all agree to proceed we would invite you for a coding challenge, which allows us to have a second more indepth discussion with you about your work.

And that’s basically all the application process there is.

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We are a distributed team of software developers, regularly meeting in Berlin & Cologne. We are passionate about delivering high quality web applications...

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