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Full-time Engineering Internship (m/w/x) - Berlin

Berlin, Germany
Others: Engineering
  • Full-time Internship: Preferably 5-to-6 months (paid) or 3 months (Unpaid but with benefits)
  • You MUST still be enrolled at your University/College
  • Mandatory Internship is preferable, but in case your course doesn't have a mandatory internship, due to Germany regulations, we may need a letter from your university/college stating that you need to complete an internship
  • Location: Berlin, Mitte.
  • Prior experience: no specific prior experience needed
  • Onsite (remote not possible)


Due to Germany regulations, currently for this position we can only accept applications from European Union citizens_ πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί or Foreigners with Residence/Work Visa accepted in Germany.

Hey there! πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ Thank you for the visit!

We are Tomorrow Biostasis GmbH! A German πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ tech startup based in Berlin, filled with internationals from around the world, dedicated to translational and applied research in the areas of Biostasis (also known as Cryonics). We are building the first professional and scalable organization in the Biostasis / cryopreservation space with a strong focus on science and medical quality. We are also currently building a research facility in Zurich, establishing a "customer-facing" brand/subsidiary, building research partnerships, and more.


We are in the pursuit of stellar open-minded engineer intern with a passion to learn and build things. In summary, you will work closely with our founders and Head of Engineering and your mission here will be to research, design, build, test and validate custom prototypes, support with documentation and other ad-hoc projects.



We ask all candidates to read the article below before applying:

  • waitbutwhy .com/2016/03/cryonics .html
  • How is it to work here: https://tomorrowbiostasis. com/blog/tomorrow-biostasis/work-in-a-cryonics-company/


How is your Day-to-Day is going to look like:

1) Ambulance Conversion

  • Integration and optimisation of medical systems inside of standby ambulance
  • Design, 3D printing, fabrication of custom mounts / fixtures / structures
  • Installation / operation of perfusion circuit, cooling, pump systems at various temperatures
  • Retrofitting of storage, water, gas, electronic and other systems inside of ambulance

Note: Most of these tasks require physical involvement, ie, lifting, drilling, getting your hands dirty, getting under a vehicle, realtime fabrication problem solving etc. Prior hands-on practical experience would be preferential.

2) Testing

  • Development and optimisation of a test dummy with realistic circulatory system, temperature probe points, pressure regulation valves, robust connections and maintenance hatch.
  • Testing of all systems at different cooling phases. Datalogging and analysis of temperature and pressure readings. Planning and implementation of improvements.
  • Full training scenarios covering all aspects of a cryopreservation case

3) Other

  • Documentation of procedures, creation of standerdised BOMs, flow charts, system overviews, engineering drawing.
  • General workshop fabrication, prototyping, making, building, 3D printing
  • Component sourcing (adaptors, valves, mechanical hardware, fixtures, shelves, etc.)

4) Special Projects

  • Helping in the manufacturing and preperation of Cryoprotective agent (The special fluid used to replace the blood inside a body during cooling).
  • Development of robust 'to-go' flight cases containing portable perfusion circuit systems for air travel


  • Experience in engineering or other relevant technical fields
  • Execution mindset, able to get the job done, whatever the job is
  • A maker / tinkerer / hobbiest mindset, able to quickly implement hands-on solutions
  • 3D modelling / design skills
  • Experience with home DIY fabrication, time in a workshop and general high-quality craftsmanship (you should know how to measure, drill, cut, assemble etc. without supervision)
  • You are: creative, result-oriented, and you can make things happen efficiently.
  • Strong hands-on mentality, your daily work will involve a wide range of projects
  • You have the ability to solve problems with creative solutions: Much of what we will need has never been thought of or built before.
  • Very good English language skills
  • Willingness to relocate to Berlin, Germany / remote not possible


We are a young and excited team! Join our dynamic centrally located workplace in Mitte. This position is quite unique, we offer:

1) Professional Growth

We are looking for people with entrepreunerial mindset and the ambition to grow together with an early stage startup. You will have the autonomy to propose, execute and validate projects. As you add value to the company, you grow in responsibility and position.

2) Mentorship

Our experienced leadership team has know-how in a wide range of topics and business areas. They will be your direct superiors and mentors. We will also provide any reference letter that you may need in the future.

3) Snacks, Coffee, Ping Pong table, BEER!

Join us and get free beer, free coffee, free snacks and take part in our team events!

Start Date: ASAP.
We'd love to have you join us!

Summary of the Selection Process:

  1. Interview with the Head of Engineering
  2. Interview with the CEO / Co-founder
  3. Task Assignment may be required

Please attach a (brief) cover letter along with your CV. Applications with no cover letter will not be considered. In this cover letter please describe at least one (multiple preferred) project you have completed and attach supporting photos, documentation, etc. Use this as a chance to show us how you can make things happen!

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Tomorrow Biostasis GmbH is an organization dedicated to provide human Biostasis and cryopreservation.
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