ThinkImmo GmbH
ThinkImmo GmbH

Back End Developer for Node.js

Estate Agent

Backend developer, come join our crew

At ThinkImmo, where we're based in Berlin too


We are a real estate search engine, you see

Combining 48 portals for all to be


Able to find a fitting property

In Germany, where we've made our product


With more than 7,000 listings a day

And over 30,000 updates, we're here to stay


We need a skilled developer, that's where you come in

With experience in Node.js, you're sure to win


Our hearts and minds, as you take on tasks

From our backlog, and as you help us ask


For new features and functionality to be made

And as you debug and troubleshoot, be not afraid


To write code that's clean, efficient, and sound

And to collaborate as we design the ground


For the architecture of this project, which will astound

If you have the skills and passion, we'll be found

The perfect match, in this dynamic and collaborative place

Where challenges and meaning we'll both embrace


Backend developer, we eagerly await

Your application, it's time to seal your fate

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About ThinkImmo GmbH
11-50 employees
Real Estate
Karl-Marx-Allee, Berlin, Deutschland
Wir sind ThinkImmo - Mit über 340.000 Immobilien sind wir die größte Meta-Immobiliensuchmaschine in Deutschland! Wenn Du also eine Immobilien kaufen möchtest, dann wirst Du diese bei uns finden. Unsere Zielgruppe: 1. Kapitalanleger und institutionelle Investoren 2. Eigenheim-Sucher und Kreditvermittler Gemeinsam mit unserem Team verbessern wir jeden Tag die Software, bauen mehr Ideen aus und interviewn wöchentlich spannende Leute aus der Immobilienwirtschaft. Wenn Du Dich also für das Thema Immobilien und Kreditwirtschaft interesierst, bist Du bei uns genau richtig!
Karl-Marx-Allee, Berlin, Deutschland
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Branko Hajduk
Branko Hajduk
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