SuperDuperDB, Inc.
SuperDuperDB, Inc.

Open-Source AI / ML Community Developer Advocate & DevRel (Core Founding Team; Full Remote)

Software Development

We are looking for an AI/data science DevRel with strong technical, writing and communication skills who is interested in growing and organizing a developer community around our open-source project SuperDuperDB.

SuperDuperDB has the potential to disrupt how AI is developed and implemented - and to become the new standard for doing AI with your data. The position is the opportunity to build SuperDuperDB and its community from the ground up.

We are a small team of absolute experts, growing quickly. Our company is backed by a couple of VCs including MongoDB.

SuperDuperDB is not another database, it super-dupers your favourite database with AI. We believe that MLOps, so bringing machine learning models to production to create actual business value, is broken due to the paradigm of requiring data to be taken out of it’s original place, duplicating and migrating it to specialized vector databases complex and costly MLOps pipelines, and infrastructure. Instead of this, SuperDuperDB brings AI to the database.

Our open-source framework ( enables developers to easily integrate, train and manage any AI models from Sklearn, PyTorch, HuggingFace, and AI APIs such as OpenAI directly with their favourite databases and their data. They avoid complex MLOps pipelines and infrastructure, avoid the need for specialized vector databases and moving data there and benefit from a single scalable deployment of all AI that can run anywhere - on any cloud, on-prem. And all of that just using Python.

A record of content creation and work around open-source Python projects in AI/ ML/ Data would be very attractive to us. You can be fully remote, or work at our Berlin office. Salary is competitive incl. stock options and the existing small team is first-class.


  • Present exciting and relevant applications and use cases that showcase why and how SuperDuperDB is super-duper in various content forms such as notebooks, technical talks, tutorials, blog posts, demos, videos, podcasts etc. including technical documentation.
  • Initiate and handle partnerships and projects with other relevant (open-source) projects, companies, foundations, initiatives etc.
  • Organise events and hackathons.
  • Take care of external communications via social media, and connect with other AI evangelists there.
  • Moderate and lead the conversation within the SuperDuperDB open-source community to identify user needs.


  • In-depth experience building and applying AI, machine learning, data science, and MLOps
  • Professional Python coding experience
  • Knowledge of the scientific Python ecosystem including Pandas, PyTorch, Scikit-Learn, Numpy, Tensorflow etc.
  • Knowledge of and experience with popular databases, including SQL-based RDBMS, MongoDB and others
  • A solid list of content pieces around AI
  • Good understanding of developer and open-source communities and how to grow and engage with them
  • Very good written and verbal communication skills
  • At ease with public speaking and presenting at conferences and meetups
  • Nice to have: Visible contributions to starred, active open-source GitHub projects


  • High-impact work with other highly-talented and skilled team members
  • Stock options
  • The choice between fully remote work and hybrid

We would be happy to hear from you. Please send whatever you think is necessary including your GitHub and LinkedIn profile, a few words about yourself, as well as your salary expectation and earliest starting date.

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