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Software Development

At SQUAKE, we are on a mission to decarbonize the travel and logistics space, accounting for roughly 25% of the worldwide CO2. With us, companies get the support they need on their journey towards becoming CO2 neutral. In a nutshell, SQUAKE supports clients by providing them with a state-of-the-art carbon API - built by developers for developers.

As a senior developer, you are someone who can see projects through from beginning to end, coach others, and self-manage. We’re looking for an eager person who can bring our team to the next level with their technical knowledge, people skills, and real-world experience.

On the technical side, extensive experience building high-traffic websites using Ruby and Ruby on Rails is a hard requirement. Experience with DevOps(AWS services, Terraform) and Frontend(Vue.js, TailwindCSS) is a plus but not required.


The Stack

  • Ruby on Rails backend, typed using Sorbet
  • Open API Specs according to OAS3 that power our public documentation (we adhere to SemVer and write a public changelog) in combination with Markdown
  • VueJS for micro-frontends
  • PostgreSQL
  • Terraform
  • Bonus: Amazon Web Services(RDS, ECS, Cloudwatch, IAM, ..)
  • Bonus: TypeScript, Vue.js, TailwindCSS

How we work

  • We have a biweekly sprint planning call
  • You will have a weekly 1-1 call with our tech lead
  • We work asynchronously but within ±6 hours of CET
  • For complex features, write a design doc before coding
  • All code goes through code review, reviews are split out evenly across the team
  • We use Tuple for pair programming


Technical Skills & Experience

  • You’ve built complex apps in a Ruby on Rails + modern frontend stack before, with a codebase optimized for performance and scale
  • You’ve designed & shipped large applications with many components and data structures
  • You have a proven ability to design interfaces that stand the test of time, showing anticipation of future product changes
  • You have experience integrating complex third-party APIs
  • You can successfully refactor existing code and get rid of tech debt without regressions
  • [Bonus] You have experience with accounting and inventory management
  • [Bonus] You have experience with best practices for example canonical loglines, high-performance APIs, etc.


  • You can handle ambiguity and can push projects forward even when there is not a clear best path
  • You see things through from start to finish
  • You can manage yourself but you also work well with others
  • A good sense of humor and a great team player
  • Fluent in English and an excellent communicator
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11-50 employees
Software Development
Berlin, Deutschland
Squake drives sustainability in the entire travel and transport industry and supports companies in achieving their sustainability goals.
Berlin, Deutschland
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