CMO (potentially eager to join as a Founder)

Marketing and Communication
EUR 30’000 to EUR 100’000 / year

We are looking for a strong marketing professional who would take over all tasks related to creating brand awareness. We would love to find someone who would have some previous experience in marketing, and SEO or would be highly motivated to pick up new things and build them up!

We are looking for a team member rather than an employee - happy to develop all possible marketing channels together!

As a team member, we expect you to develop new marketing channels and manage current ones (Discord, Telegram, Twitter). As a potential CMO, you could become the spokesperson for the company and participate in the Team token allocation.


  • Manage existing marketing channels (Twitter, Discord, Telegram) and open new ones if necessary
  • Monitor new promotion channels for the product (e.g. conferences, media coverages, magazines, podcasts)
  • Monitor the performance of different marketing channels
  • Participate in conferences as a spokesperson and participate in exhibitions to present the product as CMO
  • Manage our Medium blog and release articles and newsletter on product updates


  • Strong knowledge of marketing concepts and principles
  • Excellent copywriting, editing and proofreading skills
  • Working knowledge of content management systems and automated marketing software
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills
  • In-depth understanding of digital and social marketing best practices


We offer a competitive commission-based position with fully remote working conditions.

You might expect 3-4 times a year of travelling with the team, meeting new clients, visiting conferences and expand your personal network.

We are not looking for diplomas. We are looking for some experience in digital marketing, SEO, crypto and/or traditional finance and a high motivation to learn and earn. You could be someone who would like to enter the crypto space with experience in marketing or financial products/traditional finance.

The position is token-based. We are looking for a person who would like to earn together. Therefore, if our collaboration works out, we would be happy to bring a founder allocation once tokens are launched.

The position is fully remote, so you are free to choose your workplace. The team is doing team gatherings 3-4 times per year and occasionally visiting crypto conferences, you are free to join the trips.

Looking forward to your CV and 3-5 sentences about why you would like to join the team!

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  1. CMO (potentially eager to join as a Founder)