Rust Open-Source Software Engineer

IT Management

Qdrant is an Open-Source Neural Search Project.

We help businesses take advantage of AI with technologies like semantic search, matching, and recommendations.

We are developing similarity learning solutions that will allow everyone to use the state-of-the-art neural network encoders at the production scale.

At the same time, we help companies to integrate the technology into their infrastructure.

Our flagship technology is the open-source Vector Similarity Search Engine: https://github.com/qdrant/qdrant

Our Projects

Our main project is the Vector Search Engine Qdrant. It is open-source and written in Rust 🦀. Check it out on GitHub. We develop both the project itself as well as the AI solutions built on its basis.

In addition to open-source development, we are also involved in implementing completes a cycle of AI solution development.

We plan to evolve towards SaaS solutions to make vector search technology available to companies of all sizes.


We are looking for a Rust developer to help us with the development of our main project.

Among the technical challenges, we facing is the implementation of a distributed version of the engine, optimization of search and data storage performance, and introduction of new features.


The basic requirements for this role:

- Solid Rust knowledge
- Understanding principles of concurrent code development
- Ideally, experience in participating in open-source projects
- English communication skills

The ideal candidate for this position would also have:

- Experience in low-level optimization of programs
- Participation in the development of databases, search engines, or other infrastructural projects
- Experience with such libraries as Actix, Tokio, RocksDB, Serde, raft-rs - Interest in deep learning

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Оpen-source neural search engine making Deep Metric Learning practical to bring the applied AI to the next level. Make the most of your Unstructured Data!
Berlin, Germany
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  1. Rust Open-Source Software Engineer