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myTalentscout GmbH

PHP Backend Developer to Teamlead >> 3 Months Workation >> Meaningful Job >> 90k

München, Deutschland (hybrid)
75.000 € bis 90.000 € / Jahr

How does the following idea taste to you?

🍉 You work completely flexible in terms of time and primarily remote as a PHP Backend Developer.

🍒 Three months a year, you code from any place in the world you desire.

🍍 Additionally, every two weeks, you come to a beautiful office in the south of Munich to enjoy the inspiring atmosphere and special offers: the in-house chef, the friendly team members, and mindfulness sessions according to your preference.

🍓 Your career gets a boost right from the start, as within 6-12 months, you're expected to evolve into a Teamlead, building your own development team.


This isn't just a daydream; it's the authentic company culture of a company that, for about 10 successful years, has been realizing the CEO's brainchild. They've built a Software as a Service platform providing scientifically grounded and highly personalized nutritional advice for individuals, medical professionals, naturopaths, and trainers, and they've successfully brought it to market. It's far from just another weight loss program but an authentic mission for health and quality of life, brilliantly executed and marketed.

The recipe for their success? A genuine, meaningful business vision, strong expertise in all areas of the company, and a modern, progressive, and incredibly humane work philosophy, leaving plenty of room for individual development.

Are you ready to bring your favorite recipe for an exciting career to the table with PHP and modern technologies? Then keep reading and discover how you can become part of this dream team!


  • On your menu is the development of interfaces for tailored solutions of the core software. Your code connects the SaaS platform with health insurers, clinics, and personal trainers, linking them with people who want to live healthier lives.
  • A 14-member external tech team eagerly awaits your reinforcement and expertise. Initially hired as the first permanent Software Developer, you gradually take on leadership, building your own team. From that point on, team and software development are in your hands. Through specific further training, you grow step by step with your new responsibilities, acquiring invaluable new skills.


Ingredients List for Your Success:

Key Ingredients:

  • Everything you bring with you in terms of several years of professional experience and PHP expertise (from version 7.4).
  • Seasoned with plenty of Laravel know-how (from version 9).
  • A dash of JavaScript and a pinch of Vue.js - Basic Skills.
  • A packet of MySQL experience.
  • And most importantly: a hearty dose of Scrum.
  • Technical NICE-TO-HAVES (not mandatory!): Docker, Redis, Postman/Swagger and Testing.
  • Für die interne Kommunikation wäre eine Brise gutes Deutsch wichtig. (Muss nicht perfekt sein 😉)

Special Additions:

  • The big dream of building and leading a team and developing people with commitment.
  • The conviction of having a great product and bringing it forward together with passion.
  • An authentic, communicative attitude towards your new job and the people you work with.


Does that sound just right for your taste? Then check out the conditions for a sweet surprise:

Some we've already revealed. Here's everything important to remember:

  • You can expect a starting salary between €75,000 and €90,000, depending on experience.
  • You'll have 30 days of vacation - and if you want to explore the world even more while still working? No problem! You can enjoy 3 months of Workation per year.
  • Your perspectives are important, so there are fantastic individual training opportunities.
  • You can work flexibly in terms of time and place (with flexitime and overtime account), and you only "have to" come to the office every 2 weeks.
  • However, think about it carefully, because 3 times a week, there's a chef in the office ready to pamper you with healthy and delicious dishes, as well as various health offers including meditation, sports, and even an ice bath for that extra refreshment.
  • Bi-annual employee discussions ensure that you feel comfortable and well taken care of right from the start – especially during the probation period, where discussions take place monthly.
  • They also offer Edenred for monthly benefits and more.
  • And not to forget: If Pooh, the office dog, allows it, your four-legged friend is also welcome in the office ;)

Chef's Tip: Apply quickly! Such a fantastic job package doesn't come around every day!

🌵 We're very much looking forward to getting to know you and initiating the first contact.

🌵 Your myTalentscout Crew from Munich – where a CV is more than just paper but the story of a person!

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  1. PHP Backend Developer to Teamlead >> 3 Months Workation >> Meaningful Job >> 90k