Psychological Counselor - Volunteer at krisenchat Ukrainian (d/m/f)


krisenchat Ukrainian

for Ukrainian children, adolescents and adults

krisenchat Ukrainian is a psychosocial counseling service for everyone who is feeling overwhelmed, hurt, and stressed because of the war or has just arrived in a foreign country, needs some support and an open ear and needs counseling in Ukrainian or Russian.

We are not a long-term therapy, but see ourselves as a crisis intervention. Professional counselors offer an empathic, open ear to discuss with the affected people in a solution-oriented way what they can do to support in that exact moment.

Sometimes it helps to simply share the experience with someone or to talk about one's feelings. Chat exercises for dealing with anxiety and panic attacks as well as regulation of stress are available to the counselors in an online tool box and counselors are encouraged to use those in their chats.

We built up a network of ressources with practical information especially for children and young adults.

We organize ourselves via Slack - an app / website where only people involved in the project can communicate. A professional counseling team is available in the background for questions and training for chat counseling, intervision and supervision.

We are an appreciative and engaged community and help each other to constantly develop our services.

krisenchat was founded for the Corona pandemic and draws on experience from over 50,000 chat consultations.


Your task will be to provide psychological consultaions and support to Ukrainians. Topics such as war, fear, loneliness, depressive symptoms or problems at workand family often arise.

Each chat shift lasts 2 hours, which you can enter at a free time of your choice. Since we are a 24/7 offer, you can organize your time very flexibly throughout the day. We would like 2-4 hours of volunteer work per month. You will be informed about the exact process in our onboarding (introductory program).

You don't have to worry, there will always be a contact person and in the chat shifts we make sure that you are not alone! There is also the possibility to exchange ideas with one of our team members at any time.


  • Completed bachelor's degree in psychology or bachelor's student with additional qualification or intensive consulting experience (no mandatory internships)
  • Psychotherapists in training or completed in the procedures recognized by the psychotherapy guidelines
  • All counselors need a PC for the consultation. Our consulting work is exclusively digital and with the help of other digital tools. Basic computer skills are required. Advice from a mobile device (e.g. tablet or cell phone) is generally not possible.
  • Knowledge of the Ukrainian and Russian language (in written form) at C2 level, English (understanding) at B1 level are also required.
  • Personal contact is crucial for us - we first get to know all interested parties personally in a video call.


Your volunteer work at krisenchat is an opportunity to gain experience in an innovative digital consulting field. Due to the low threshold, you will be confronted with a wide range of topics and crises. This will enable you to expand your knowledge in the field of crisis intervention. You will work closely with a very committed and diverse community and benefit from the different experiences and exchanges with each other.

We also offer free supervision in small groups and regular feedback meetings.

Since the training and further education of our consultants is important to us, in addition to our extensive e-learning program and various workshops, we also offer the opportunity to take part in meetings, where experts are invited to different specialist topics.
We are a great community and look forward to seeing you! Our website is also great - just have a look!

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