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Introducing Gauss Robotics

Established in 2023, Gauss Robotics is a passionate deep tech startup at the forefront of robotics, software engineering, and AI. With a founding team of seasoned experts, we bring over 55 years of combined experience to the table. Our mission is ... secret for now, but be sure that we are committed to driving technological advancements that make a positive impact on society. If you want to be part of a close-knit team that values creativity and dedication, Gauss Robotics is the place for you. We are based in Braunschweig, the birthplace of Carl Friedrich Gauss, with close ties to the Technische Universität Braunschweig. Join us and be part of the innovation journey that makes a difference.


Job description

We need you to work on the design and setup of our cloud infrastructure for the most amazing ML applications in robotics! You will make robot, vision and other sensory data available for training and analytics as well as provide, configure, and manage scalable infrastructure for simulation and ML solutions.

Your Responsibilities

  • You design, implement, rollout, and maintain cloud architectures and solutions related to ML use cases
  • You build and maintain cloud data pipelines for big data use cases and develop and integrate backends with relational and document databases
  • You provision, manage, and deploy solutions on cloud infrastructure with IaC tools
  • You validate latest available technologies, services, tools, and trends on the market for our cloud solutions on aws and Azure
  • Optionally, you help to design and implement our edge architecture and edge2cloud environment


Your Profile

You have your head way up in the clouds and you love the outdoors. Maybe you’re even living on the edge but at least don’t get scared if an ELK stack comes too close or if you discover a Hive or Python on your trail. You can survive in the wild and hunt down a pod of containers. You don’t need your floatie when enjoying yourself in the data lake. You really want to hone your bushcraft skills further by building a lakehouse with nice Parquet or something better together with us.

You are a stranger to SOAP or you stopped using it quite a while ago. Now you are looking for some REST in your life and maybe want to hang out with JSON, Cassandra, Maria, Mongo and the crowd… but you are also thrilled to discover and get your hands dirty on the latest technology. Then Gauss Robotics is the right place for you! Let’s Terraform our robot habitat together and bring our robots to cloud nine!

  • You hold a master’s degree in computer science, computer engineering or you have an equivalent degree and/or practical experience
  • You have 3+ years experience preferably working in DevOps teams
  • You have a deep understanding of cloud technology, architecture patterns, and cloud-native services
  • You are fluent in English, Docker, and Kubernetes
  • You know the basics of Bash, Ansible, and Terraform
  • You have practical experience in developing cloud-based applications with Python, Java, JavaScript, or other modern languages
  • You are experienced in working with revision control systems and CI/CD tools
  • You gained experience in DevOps/MLOps procedures and processes and applied agile methodologies
  • You have hands-on experience with relational, document-based, and maybe graph data bases
  • You maybe have experience in edge computing
  • You know the basics of cloud security and maybe a tad more
  • Your communication and problem solving skills makes you a perfect fit for a highly-motivated interdisciplinary and international team
  • And if you lack some of the above, you are always eager to learn and grow into it


Your Benefits

  • Be part of a modern company culture in an experienced, dedicated team with transparent decision-making processes. We value collaboration and efficiency, but we also value humanity, trust, empathy and inclusion.
  • Stay flexible: We implement hybrid working models with flexible working hours supported by digital collaboration tools.
  • Choose your weapons: When it comes to IT hardware, software tools and OS we do not want to constrain your working experience, and let you choose if you want.
  • Learn on: We offer great opportunities for personal and professional development.
  • On top of attractive salary we offer additional benefits that fit your needs (gym, bike leasing, job ticket, ...).
  • We assist you in creating assets with capital building benefits.
  • You have to move - we pay: We support you financially with the move to Gauss Robotics.
  • An apple a day: Of course we help you to stay healthy and provide free fruits and drinks.
  • Regular innovative team building and social events will make the team even greater!
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Established in 2023, Gauss Robotics is a passionate deep tech startup at the forefront of robotics, software engineering, and AI. With a founding team of seasoned experts, we brin…

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