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Kubernetes / Golang Engineer (Confidential Computing)

Software / Web Development
70.000 € to 100.000 € / year

At Edgeless Systems, we’re passionate about bringing confidential computing and cloud-native computing together. Confidential computing is a powerful, emerging technology but requires some specialized knowledge to use it effectively. Our mission is to build easy-to-use, open-source tools that make confidential computing accessible to everyone. With our technology, we deliver a modern approach to protect sensitive data in a cloud-native environment. We strongly believe that confidential computing is the future of cloud computing.

Founded in 2019, we’ve been on an exciting journey and we’re just getting started. We are looking for team members who bring in new ideas and get things done. If you are thrilled by the prospect of joining a technology start-up with a lot of room for your own ideas and personal growth, we should get to know each other.

Edgeless Systems is headquartered in Bochum, Germany, a place with a vibrant and thriving cybersecurity community. Join us in our office, work remotely or choose a hybrid option.

Our values

We are eager to continuously improve our technology and willing to challenge the status quo. Our strength lies in making decisions as a unified company. We are working towards the same goal and sharing the same vision.

Our tech stack

Most of our code is written in Go, runs inside Intel SGX enclaves, communicates via attested gRPC and is scaled with Kubernetes. On the lower levels, some of our code is written in C, C++, Rust, and ASM.

Azure is our default cloud, but we also use Google Cloud and AWS. Our code and CI are on GitHub. We use Microsoft 365 for communication etc. We pretty much have everything in the cloud.


As part of our team, you will…

  • work on fusing cloud native and confidential computing
  • extend and adapt Kubernetes so that it runs securely inside enclaves.
  • develop plugins to securely persist data from enclaves
  • design and build APIs and (CLI) frontends to manage confidential Kubernetes deployments


We are looking for team members who…

  • are excited about the challenges of a fast-paced, innovative software startup environment
  • have several years of relevant work experience
  • are experienced in writing code for Kubernetes and other cloud-native tools; ideally, you already have contributed to a CNCF project
  • are experienced with Golang
  • are experienced in professional agile software-development practices
  • are highly motivated and have high expectations of your own performance; you are used to working independently

Bonus points if you...

  • are interested in public speaking or writing articles about your work
  • have experience working with confidential computing technologies (Intel SGX, AMD SEV etc.)


  • Competitive compensation (salary and stock options)
  • Flexible working arrangements—remote or in our office in Bochum
  • Exciting tasks in a dynamic environment
  • Opportunity to grow in a great team
  • Generous paid vacation

We will respond to suitable applications within 48h and arrange a video interview in which we would like to introduce ourselves, get to know you and ask you a few technical questions.

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About Edgeless Systems GmbH
11-50 employees
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Stadionring 1, Bochum, Deutschland
Edgeless Systems is a cybersecurity startup based in Germany. Our technology elevates the security of applications and workflows to unprecedented levels, enabling new and exciting forms of trustworthy data processing. Confidential computing is a groundbreaking security paradigm that enables the always encrypted and verifiable processing of sensitive data at scale. With Edgeless Systems, your data and code are always protected—whether at rest or in use, in the cloud or on-premises. Our company is built on the principles of open source, using a community-driven approach to deliver confidential computing technology that is easy to use, scale and integrate.
Stadionring 1, Bochum, Deutschland
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