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Electrochemist / Electrolysis Engineer (f/m/d)

Process Engineering

Electrochemist / Electrolysis Engineer (f/m/d)

Unleash your full potential in the realm of large-scale, industrial decarbonization at Dunia! While you take the lead in developing cutting-edge electrolysis processes, our passionate team of chemists, computer scientists, and engineers is dedicated to elevating your expertise with the latest AI and robotics tools to boost your productivity. Your skills will be the driving force behind a greener, cleaner tomorrow. Embrace the challenge to make a profound impact on the world as you pioneer sustainable solutions & join us now!

Our company:

Dunia is at the forefront of the race to create a sustainable future for our planet. With a mission to invent breakthrough clean energy materials, we use the latest AI tools and chemical robots combined with our scientific expertise to build a “self-driving laboratory” that can discover new active materials faster than ever before. Targeting the toughest industry sectors such as shipping and aviation, we are developing sustainable processes to reduce CO2 emissions by over 2.1 billion tons per year. We named our company 'Dunia', because it means 'world' in over 20 languages. We want to both positively impact the world AND create an inclusive environment where the world’s brightest come together to solve humanity's biggest challenges.


  • Design and perform experiments to evaluate catalyst materials and electrode architectures for CO2 reduction in MEA-type cells.
  • Characterize the electrochemical behaviour of the CO2 electrolysis cell using various analytical techniques and equipment.
  • Collaborate with a multidisciplinary team to develop and implement innovative solutions for improving the performance of the CO2 electrolysis process.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest developments and scientific literature in the field of electrochemistry, CO2 conversion, and sustainable energy technologies.
  • Prepare and present clear and concise technical reports, presentations, and documentation to communicate research findings and project progress.


  • A Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, or a similar field with a focus on electrochemical processes, ideally with industry and/or post-doctoral experience.
  • Proven experience in electrochemical research in the area of CO2 electrolysis or related fields.
  • Strong knowledge of electrochemical principles, electrode/membrane materials, and catalyst development.
  • Proficiency in using electrochemical analysis tools and software for data processing and interpretation, this includes extensive experience in using GC-FID.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and ability to work independently or as part of a team.

Nice to have:

  • Understanding renewable energy systems and their integration with CO2 electrolysis can provide valuable insights into the broader context of sustainable energy production and utilization.
  • Experience in developing ion-conductive membranes for electrochemical cells, particularly for CO2 electrolysis, would be beneficial for optimizing MEA-type cell performance.
  • Proficiency in collaborating with professionals from diverse backgrounds, such as chemists, engineers, or material scientists, can facilitate effective teamwork and foster innovation in solving complex research challenges.
  • Familiarity with computational methods and software for simulating electrochemical processes and predicting catalyst behaviour would be a plus.
  • Have CAD experience in designing/ prototyping electrolysers and integrating different parts of the overall electrolytic system to work synchronously.
  • Basic scripting capabilities, e.g. for automated data analysis with python


  • 30 days paid holiday🌴
  • Stock options 🚀
  • Design your own perks 🚇🎫🏋️‍♀️
  • Mentorship to help you grow into the roles you want 🎯
  • Awesome colleagues & regular company events 🙌
  • Flexible working hours & hybrid working ☕
  • Aiding the process of VISA application for non-EU citizens 🌎

Do not worry if you do not tick all the boxes. Do not exclude yourself from amazing opportunities by not applying. We strive to create a diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone feels welcome and safe to be their authentic self. Non-traditional career paths are welcome and valued. If you share our vision, you can be certain that we want you to succeed. You might be just the right candidate for this or for other roles that have not opened yet. Reach out!

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  1. Electrochemist / Electrolysis Engineer (f/m/d)