Crypto/Software Verification Engineer

Paris, France
Software Development
60 000 € to 80 000 € / year

Cryspen is looking for a software verification engineer to build high-assurance cryptographic software.

We are looking for an engineer with knowledge of formal verification to drive the development of high-assurance cryptographic software at Cryspen. The role will encompass maintaining and improving the HACL* verified cryptographic library and its APIs, as well as leading the development of new cryptographic products and protocols within Cryspen. Typical candidates include those who have experience in formal proof systems like F* or Coq, have 2-3 years of experience developing software in the industry or open source projects, and feel passionate about replacing insecure code with formally verified software.


  • Improve and maintain F* proofs in HACL*
  • Verify high-performance implementations of new cryptographic primitives and constructions
  • Verify implementations of new cryptographic protocols


  • Proficient in F* or another verification framework like Coq/Isabelle
  • Proficient in Rust and C
  • 2-3 years of software development experience
  • At ease with a Unix-like development environment


  • Room to grow personally and professionally
  • Work on cutting-edge cryptography
  • Shape your own role
  • Flexible working hours
  • Family-friendly work environment
  • Part-time or Full-time

Application Process

We will try to get back to you as soon as possible after sending in your application. After the first screening call, there will be three interviews (video calls) covering technical aspects as well as making sure we are aligned on the core values.

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About Cryspen
1-10 employees
Computer and Network Security
Paris, France
Cryspen is a small mission-driven company building customisable high assurance cryptographic software. We believe that privacy and end-to-end security are fundamental and a crucial piece for a modern and open society. Our mission is to provide services and software for high assurance cryptography in order to establish trust into critical systems.
Paris, France
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Franziskus Kiefer
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